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maddie | 449 comments hey!!!

maddie | 449 comments yup!! i had an idea, is it okay if i pass it by you?

maddie | 449 comments okay so i really wanted to roleplay out sally and poseidons relationship. i was kind of thinking that like they could be near montauk, and they could accidentally run into one another while sally's pulling up (maybe she like almost runs him over during a tropical storm?) and then they find shelter, and she leaves to get to her cabin, and then maybe they see one another at the diner she works at and we can take it from there? and yeah basically just roleplaying how they meet / fall in love.

maddie | 449 comments omg really!? you're the first person whose wanted to do this with me. is it alright if i'm sally?

maddie | 449 comments cool!! so, do you want to make characters? short ones okay with you?
and dude i totally imagine them like burdge bug did

maddie | 449 comments cool beans!! i'll have mine up asap

maddie | 449 comments
sally jane jackson
19 ; a kindness, with just the right amount of brave

july first ; cancer ; female ; heterosexual ; single

face claim ; yara khmidan
species ; mortal
occupation ; waitress
scent ; chocolate, sea salt and caramel
score ; one day – hans zimmer
theme ; miss jackson – panic! at the disco

maddie | 449 comments haha thank you!!

maddie | 449 comments so do you want to make Poseidon and then we can start??

maddie | 449 comments no he's great!!! you can edit it whenever you please :))
how detailed are you + would you like me to start?

maddie | 449 comments cool beans!!! i'll post my thing asap

maddie | 449 comments
Sally Jackson was well, having a rough time you could say. After her uncles death, the past couple of months had been extremely difficult for her, especially with getting income at her job. Driving down the road in her old Jeep, she knew that sooner or later she'd have to sell it. But right now that's not what mattered. She was leaving Manhattan to take a trip to Montauk, where she often went with her parents in her youth. It was pouring down rain, and she was almost there when a man appeared in the road. The car swerved, and she managed to pull off onto the side of the road before getting herself into an accident. Sally piled out of the car, getting soaking wet but she didn't care. The brunette ran with frantic eyes towards the man whom she'd almost killed, her expression wild. How was she supposed to know that this was the beginning of a truly sad tale, and a love story already gone?

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maddie | 449 comments (( sorry for such a crummy opening .—. i was trying to get it up before i got on my flight ))

maddie | 449 comments
Sally ran out in the rain, no jacket, her black converse getting drenched in the pouring rain, along with everything else she was wearing. As she came upon the man, the headlights of her car shining upon the two, she first noticed his piercing sea-green eyes. His dark black hair seemed to frame his face perfectly, like a Greek god. There was scruff lining his face, but not in a rugged type of way. As his voice reached her ears, she felt as if she were listening to the sea. As he questioned her once more, she shook her head of her thoughts and nodded feverently. "Oh no it's fine. It's just not everyday that I almost run over someone." She chuckled, before motioning for him to follow as she hopped into her car. "Where are you headed to....?" Sally paused, hoping to catch his name. Her blue eyes studied his own, taking in his handsome features all at once. Sharp cheek bones. Lean with lots of muscle. The perfect shade of tan that accompanied his eyes and hair perfectly. Board short and Birkenstocks. A tight fit t shirt. He looked like a model to say the least. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she averted her eyes and concentrated on the road, heading in the same direction as before.

maddie | 449 comments
Sally looked at the man with a puzzled expression, wondering why he didn't know where he was off to. Probably because he's drunk, she told herself. At his question, she nodded. "Yes, I'm headed to Montauk. If you need a place to stay, you can stay at my cabin with me." As the words fell from her lips, she instantly regretted. What had gotten into her? She'd just invited a drunken man to stay in her cabin with her, much less a man she didn't even know. She bit her lip, and squeezed her eyes shut before taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry... That was a little too straightforward. If there's somewhere I could drop you off at, I wouldn't mind doing so.." She trailed off, stopping at the red light before turning to look at the man. As she inhaled, she took in the sweet smell of sea salt and warm sandy beaches, feeling as if she were already there. "I never told you my name!" She gasped in realization. "I'm so sorry, my names Sally Jackson. And what's yours, sir?" The rain pitter-pattered against the window, but in a rough fashion, as if a tropical storm was well on its way. Sally turned up the heat even more, feeling herself shiver even more still. She's only been in the rain for a couple of minutes, and her she was shivering like an old maid in winter. She surely felt awkward around this extremely handsome man, whom she'd without second thought picked up off the side of the road after nearly running him over. This was turning out to be one strange night, one she couldn't even comprehend had managed to happen.

maddie | 449 comments
Sally scrunched up her nose in confusion as he availed her question of his name. She none the less let it pass, but couldn't help but wonder whom this strange man was. "No it's quite alright, sir." She chuckled lightly, a sound as soft as the sea as it crashed against the shore. Sally again picked up the fact that he was avoiding eye contact. Was he uncomfortable? She silently cursed herself, feeling as if she'd something wrong to make him uneasy around her. She couldn't help but laugh at his next words. "I can see where you're coming from. It is hard to call you a stranger, though I still don't know your name." Sally pulled into the entrance of Montauk, rows of beach houses lining up all around them, but spaced away from each other just enough for privacy. They kept driving until they were practically on the shore, going up a driveway that was home to a baby blue beach house. It was beautiful, charming, but didn't over shine all the others around them. "Well, here's my place."

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