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me before you: the bible of tears

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Kelly wha t the fu ck

Kathleen if i ever need to cry i will listen to not today and think about the lines "tell me something good" or "just live"

AnnaNeverLands OMG I will too. I think this is one of the only books that have made me cry... ever.

Nathalia Castro I just finished reading it, I cried so hard, it was painful.

AnnaNeverLands Nathalia wrote: "I just finished reading it, I cried so hard, it was painful."

i know natalia, it was horrible and amazing at the same time

Nathalia Castro it was a mix of feelings, and that was the first time i cried with a book :( i don't know how to feel about it

Camille completing this book left me heartbroken. I understood will's decision, he was constantly in pain (physically and mentally from a life that would never be the same) but it still left me sad; especially when considering louisa and his mom

Ellie Petrak This book ... The tears! I loved the story but it just made me feel such sympathy for the people in wills position in real life.

F.B. Best ugly cry.
I've only cried to 4 books in my life, this one was the biggest and best cry.
So much emotion, so much pain. So wonderful.

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Pam Davis Kelly wrote: "wha t the fu ck"

I know, came to work with puffy eyes

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