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Daniel Clark The Disney movie of Peter Pan is probably much more popular than the book or the play. How do they compare? What's with the British government extending copyright to that orphanage as an exception to the law?

Daniel Clark I was surprised at all the death in the second half of the book. There are people dying left and right, but they are mostly redskins and pirates. Also, Tinkerbell and Nana the dog (view spoiler) none of which is in the Disney movie.

I also didn't realize in the end that all the "lost boys" find a home. That ending and the fact that Barrie gifted the copyright to a children's hospital (not an orphanage like I had posted earlier) make this a great tribute to children.

Confession time: I have memories of flying when I was young. To this day I don't know if they were real, dreams, or otherwise faulty memories. Hearing the part at the end when Wendy reveals to the astonished Peter that she has grown up, and now cannot fly made me want to cry in mourning for my childhood, but also rejoice that Wendy's daughter was flying around with Peter. Such a touching scene for me.

What did you think of the book?

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