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Libra and Madison

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Dys walked through the school, trying to find her first class, but she wasn't having much luck. On top if that, her head was killing her and she couldn't stop the flood of emotions that were being forced upon her by the all the other students. Her eyes were flickering between their natural green and the black that her powers caused them to turn as she struggled to keep them in control. She stepped into a less crowded hallway and leaned against the lockers, closing her eyes for a moment and taking a few deep breaths. She didn't want to be here in the slightest, but her foster parents had decided it was time for her to go back to a real school, so here she was, being tortured by the hormone induced emotions of every student withing a ten foot radius of her.

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Dys frowned when she felt a set of emotions that were rather out of place. She opened her eyes and looked around, trying to find the source, whoever it was couldn't be far. Her gaze fell on Peter and she raised an eyebrow, "Who'd have thought superheros attended this school," she muttered.

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"Let me guess," Dys said wryly, "The jocks stole your clothes," she rolled her eyes, "I honestly don't give two shits," she continued before he could reply, "You might want to find some real clothes though."

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((She can feel his emotions with her powers so she doesn't need to :P Though she doesn't realize he's really Spidey, she just thinks it's some theater student in costume or something, hence the jock comment XD))

"There's a lost and found here, right?" Dys said, "Maybe you can find something there. Though unless anybody knows who you are under that mask, you shouldn't have much of a problem. Unless your drama buddies spill the beans or something." She turned to walk away, figuring he wouldn't want her bringing attention to him by talking to him, though someone dressed up as Spiderman in a school would be pretty hard to miss.

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Dys raised a brow again when she felt a flicker of amusement come from him, but dismissed it and kept walking. She eventually found her class and took a seat at the back of the room, sinking down in her seat and closing her eyes trying to shut off her powers, but to no avail. She groaned softly and dropped her head on the desk, waiting for the class to start.

((Wanna have him be in the same class as her?))

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Dys looked up as the bell rang and Peter walked in. She put her arms on the desk and rested her chin on them, watching the teacher blankly as she started speaking, still trying to block out the affects of her powers.

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"Dysentria?" The teacher called, and Dys felt curiosity spark up around her at the sound of her unusual name. "Here," She muttered just loud enough for the teacher to hear. The teacher welcomed her to the school and Dys mumbled a word of thanks before falling silent again.

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Dys glanced at Peter when he was called. He was uneasy, she could tell, and she quickly realized that he was the one that was in the spiderman costume earlier. "Looks like you got to the lost in found just in time," she said quietly.

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"This blows," Dys muttered about halfway through the class. Her head was still killing her, but she couldn't ask to leave because then they'd send her to the nurse, who would just tell her to pop some ibuprofen and go back to class. And she doubted anyone would believe her, let alone have any sympathy if she told them her headache was because of her freaky powers.

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As soon as the bell rang Dys was out of her seat and at the door, she immediately started looking for her next class, hoping to get there before anyone else and have a little peace for at least a few minutes. She really wished that she could have just stayed home, but her foster parents thought that she needed to make some friends. They of course had no idea about her powers, not that they would understand, they were about as normal as anyone could get, aside from the fact that they were fostering a girl who watched her parents' murders. That wasn't normal. But nobody talked about that. Everyone always thought it would just worsen Dysentria's already rather unstable condition, and they were probably right. Dys didn't like to think about it either. So they left that subject untouched.

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Dys groaned in exasperation when Peter walked into the room, she had finally managed to find somewhere with no one else around and her headache had finally subsided a little, But then he walked in. She dropped her head on the desk again and covered her face with her arms, trying not to let on that she was in pain.

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"Oh my God will you quit with your worrying?!" Dys snapped, lifting her head to glare at Peter and forgetting about the whole hiding her powers thing in her irritation, "I'd like some freaking peace and quiet!" She had no idea what he was worrying about, but she didn't care, all she knew was that his emotional issues were annoying the hell out of her. She dropped her head again and groaned, "Shit," she muttered to herself, hoping Peter just assumed she was easily annoyed by sighs or something, but she knew that was a long shot.

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Dys sighed heavily, even when he wasn't worrying, his emotions were still incredibly distracting to her, but at least he was the only other one in the room for the moment.

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Dys propped her chin on her arms again as the teacher and other students started filing into the room, wincing slightly as her mind was bombarded again.

((Wanna skip to the end of the school day?))

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Dysentria's foster mom picked her up after school was over. "Hey Dys," She said as the teen got in the car, "How'd it go?"
"Fine," Dys replied shortly.
"Just fine? Did you make any friends."
"No." Dys thought back to Peter, the only person she had actually talked to, but didn't really think he counted, they'd only really met in passing.

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((3 weeks later))

Dys walked through the school, she simply emanated rage, though nobody else knew that the reason they felt a sudden rush of anger when they passed was because of her. Though most people avoided her like the plague because she was just a bitch to be around. Someone bumped into her in his rush to get to class and her eyes flickered to black. Waves of anger rolled off of her and towards the guy who had bumped her. She smirked slightly when she realized it was one of the football players. Meat-head jocks were always easier to manipulate. Someone else bumped into the football player and he quickly turned to grab the front of the smaller guy's shirt. "Watch where you're going," he growled. Before the other guy could apologize, Dys sent her powers his way too and he was quickly just as pissed as the jock. Before anyone knew what was happening, the two were in a full on fist fight, and the jock was beating the crap out of the smaller guy. Dys stood off to the side, watching with a cold smile on her face. Her eyes were still pitch black from the use of her powers.

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Soon there were teachers on the scene breaking up the fight, and Dys pulled all the rage back into herself, leaving the two fighters looking very confused at why they were fighting. Dys closed her eyes as she absorbed all the anger from the two, relishing in the feeling of power that was surging through her. She moved into the deserted hallway and leaned against the lockers as her eyes returned to green. "There's something wrong with me," She muttered, but she didn't really mind it. How many other people here could say that they were able to feed off the emotions of others around her? Granted, doing so generally had negative affects on her thoughts and behavior, because she usually fed off of negative emotions, but that was beside the point.

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Dys looked at Peter with narrowed eyes, "What do you care?" She snapped, pushing off the lockers and turning to walk away.

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"Right, because some kid in a spiderman costume is just going to send all my problems away," Dys said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

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Dysentria's eyebrows shot up. "What the hell?" she yelped

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"Hmm, let me think..,. Um, no." Dys said, rolling her eyes, "Go find some damsel in distress that actually wants your help. My problems aren't any of your business. I don't care if you're Spiderman or the freaking FBI"

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Dys raised an eyebrow, looking between the two, then scowled, "Oh joy, now there's another one," She muttered, "What're you gonna do, team up on me now? Oh no, I'm shaking in my boots." She glared at Spidey, waiting to see what he would do.

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"Hey!" Dys yelped, struggling against the webs, "What the hell are you doing? Let me go!"

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Dys clenched her jaw and glared at him, but remained silent, too stubborn to give in so easily.

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Dys shifted her gaze to Tony, "Aren't you gonna do anything?" she asked, "I thought you were supposed to be the good guys! Why are you just letting him do this?"

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Dys scowled, "So you aren't going to be any help, good to know," she muttered, then looked back at Peter, "What do you want from me?" She questioned, "Why are you doing this? I haven't done anything." That was a lie, she'd caused most of the fights in the school over the last couple of weeks, but he didn't need to know that. It wasn't like anyone was seriously injured, there'd only been a couple of broken noses and sprained joints, nothing that should have caught Spiderman's attention.

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"What are you talking about?" Dys asked, not having to fake her confusion. She already had a shrink, which of course she hated. But why would they think she needed help?

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"Trick of the light," Dys said quickly, narrowing her eyed slightly. Now she couldn't use her powers here, her eyes would give her away immediately, and that would be a problem. She didn't want anyone knowing about her powers, at least until she knew more about them herself.

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"What's your point?" Dys replied. Her heart was racing, she knew she couldn't hide her powers forever, but she hadn't been using them for anything anyone hut villains would approve of, which would be a problem if these two found out.

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"Not particularly," Dys said, trying to keep up her cold front, but she was freaking out. She didn't know what they would do with her if they found out about her powers, but she figured it wouldn't end well for her.

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Dys shook her head, "No," she mumbled, "I can't. I haven't told anyone. They can't know. You can't know!" She squeezed her eyes shut and put her head in her hands backing away from Peter.

(('member, she's all sorts of unstable from the trauma in her past. I almost wanna have her go into a panic attack XD))

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Dys shook her head again, but couldn't stop the wave of anxiety and fear that emanated from her, sending her emotion at Peter and causing him to feel them too.

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Dys managed to get her powers under control and slowed her breathing. She couldn't let herself completely lose control again, there was too much that could go wrong, and she couldn't stand the idea of going back to having migraines every time she was around more than a couple people.

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"Do you have to do that?" Dys muttered, finally managing to get back some of her standoffish composure.

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"Welcome to my world," Dys replied with a sigh.

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Dys glanced at Peter once more before turning to walk away. She was already late for class, and didn't feel like going anyway, so she headed for the exit and went outside.

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Dys sat between the legs of the statue of the school's mascot and watched Peter come out. "Just can't leave well enough alone, can you?" She said in an annoyed tone when he was within earshot.

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"Oh that fixes everything!" Dys said sarcastically, "Oh wait, no it doesn't. So save your breath." She rolled her eyes.

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Dys pursed her lips when he sad next to her, watching him with narrowed eyes. She reached out with her powers to access his emotions and frowned when she realized he really did feel bad. Her eyes turned black when she used her powers, but she turned her head away in attempts to hide it.

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Dys sighed as she cut off her powers and her eyes returned to green. "You aren't the only one here with powers," she said quietly after a while of silence.

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Dys scowled, "I'm trying to open up here," she snapped, "The sarcasm doesn't help."

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"Whatever," Dys muttered, "The point is that I don't do this. I don't open up to anyone, and your comments, whether they're sarcastic or not, don't make it any easier."

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"You know what, just forget it," Dys snapped, standing up, "I can't do this." She turned and started to walk away.

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"No shit Sherlock," Dys said, "You and I both have to hide out abilities, but the difference is that you can use yours to help people. I can't. And that makes it hard for me to keep myself from going nuts and hurting everyone around me."

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Dys shook her head, "You wouldn't know how," she said, "You can see your powers. Mine are literally all in my head."

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Dys snorted, "That would mean not using my powers," She mumbled, "They do that any time I do, whether I want them to or not. It isn't something I can control."

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"What I need is to be able to use my powers somewhere without people seeing me," Dys said, "Then I might be able to figure out how to do good stuff rather than bad."

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"I- I don't know," Dys said quietly, then was silent for a long time. "I don't really fully understand my powers, but as best I can tell, I can feel people's emotions, and sometimes I can force emotions onto people. But I don't know what good that will do when I can only seem to send out negative emotions."

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Dys frowned, "What kind of tests?" She asked, getting slightly nervous at the thought.

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"Okay," Dys said slowly, "As long as it doesn't involve needles."

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