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Emily Bloor (emilybloor) | 104 comments Mod
Which character did you enjoy the most?
Which character did you find more successful?

Olivia DiGiammarino | 36 comments Of all the characters, I found Lu's father to be the most successful character. His presence in the novel provided some sense of stability by which other characters revolved. I also felt like I enjoyed his version of fatherhood and the memories of Lu's childhood relationship revealed enough about him to broaden his present day character.

I did have some issues with some of Lippmann character creation. Considering how organic Lu's father felt, AJ and Lu felt over stylized and out of arms length. The idea that neither Lu nor AJ had a sense of financial insecurity drove me nuts! Especially the techy backstory of Lu's husband. Or how Lu's retired father just doubled the size of her childhood home for Lu and the kids to be more comfortable- I would have enjoyed the dynamic more if they had to live in the exact quarters of Lu's childhood. Or, if Lu had to move in with her father because she couldn't afford the house. There were small glimpses of tragedy but not enough for me to believe it.

Emily Bloor (emilybloor) | 104 comments Mod
I completely agree with your point about money - I felt that decision was completely unjustified and didn't feel it added to the story. If anything it took away from a good opportunity for character development, if Lu had moved back home because of a struggle with money as you mentioned above, that would of been more believable.

One thing I found with Lu was that she seemed completely numb to everything that was going on around her. Not in a cold way, but more just out of being too two-dimensional, as you suggested. The fact that Bash committed a major crime and she didn't seem remotely disturbed by this, the fact her mother had been alive for many years when she thought she had died, AND then the death of her brother. Her reaction was all a bit forced, as if Lippman was trying to demonstrate how he job had affected her reaction to her personal life. I wanted her to break down and to show emotion!

I think if she had been struggling financially with two small kids then her emotional reactions as written would of maybe been more successful too, as she is too busy/focussed/stressed to break down.

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