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Jesse Teller | 2 comments 1) What motivates you to write?
I studied under a well-renowned literary critic. When we asked him why he chose that field, he said he became aware of a conversation. It was being had by the greatest minds in literature. They were talking about literature and its effect on the world and the cultures that lived it. He said when he realized this conversation was going on, he needed to join it.

Years after hearing that, I realized a likewise conversation was being had about fantasy. Writers all over the world are in an open dialogue about the direction of the genre and the need for it. They are adding their voices to the discussion on what fantasy is and what it should be. I needed to be in on that talk. My work is directed at anyone who loves the genre and wants to talk about what fantasy is and what it should be.

2) What is the most important thing you have learned in life so far?
I wrote "Liefdom" and found an editor for it in 2010. She is brilliant. Her name is Lorin Oberweger. She took my beautiful book and shred it to pieces. She told me it was magnificent but terrible and I needed to start all over from scratch.

I was devastated that my bestseller was not recognized, and I started trying to figure out why she would do such a thing. I was driving to my sister-in-law's house one day shortly after. I was at the corner of KK and Russell, and it hit me like a shotgun blast to the chest. I was a great storyteller, but a terrible writer.

I found myself at a crossroads. This is when you quit. This is when you realize you are no good and that you need to stop and take up macrame. I turned to my wife, told her my epiphany, and she freaked out. She started denying it, but I knew better. By the time I crossed the intersection, I knew what I had to do. I had to learn to do the job. I stopped working on "Liefdom" because I wasn't good enough to write it yet, and I started a new book. When I was done with it, I started a new one, one rough draft after the next, until I had the craft in hand. Then I went back to "Liefdom" and started from a blank document.

3) Why should people read your book?
"Liefdom" is a study on how we treat our children. I have this thesis I work in. All my work at this point in my career is about this: if we raise our children on purpose, if we train them and teach them and ready them for adulthood, we can change the world. The most revolutionary thing people can do is raise their children.

"Liefdom" is the beginning of that statement. It steps onto the path to that end. When I was writing "Liefdom," I realized my calling. I want to affect the way parents look at their children.

Also there is some cool stuff, explosions and love and what not.

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Sara Knight | 113 comments Great answers :D

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Jesse Teller | 2 comments Sara wrote: "Great answers :D"

Thank you Sara.

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