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Lucie Gardet | 10 comments I recently realized that gender equality could take various and varied forms. For me this is so far of being only a question of law. We can realize that every day in the street, in transportation, in public places. What I like the most about this subject is that it has affected everyone at some point in his life : women, men, young, old. It affects us all. And it's something international that we find in all countries of the world. What makes a great topic of conversation. We must recognize too that even women are far from being equal to men, it has evolved tremendously since the last century and it is still continued. I see gender equality as all bring men and women closer and with that I really think that there is a male part in every women and a female part in each men : why should we be ashamed of that?

Lucie, 23 from France.

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Katelyn (katelynrh) | 836 comments Mod
Hi Lucie, there are already a number of posts about feminism and gender equality both generally a specifically. For example, this post on What is Feminism?
Please be sure to do a quick search using the bar to the right of the discussion board before posting to check if there is already a thread for that topic.

If you're interested in discussing a more specific aspect of feminism for which there is not already a discussion topic, feel free to start a new post, perhaps with a more specific title.

Hope that helps!

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