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Sia (slayqueen) | 3206 comments Mod
All important announcements will be posted here.

I am here to inform you all that we are having an interference_a very dangerous one at that.
its affecting the minds of all the citizens.
Some are miraculously immune to these changes and those will be the saviours of us_the heroes.
Here are the changes that have been recorded.
Vampires are becoming more blood-thirsty
werewolves are becoming more viscious
warlocks are only capable of using black magic
faeries are now one of the most evil creatures found.
shadowhunters are forming alliances with demons.
angels are weak.
the royals are weakening,their kingdoms are falling.

"I've had two major attacks in the past few days and both were life-taking.One was by a powerful warlock;Vivian Ravenwood,who is surprisingly helping me now,And the other was Aelina Crimson whose target was Meara Sean.Aelina also transformed and now My only advice is:Trust no one!_Ashley rivers

All of you need to be safe,try to find a cure for the ones who have been affected because if a cure is not found,lives will be lost,your loved ones will be gone...FOREVER

Dramomid ~The Demon of the Dark~ (aka T) *Whoosh whoosh* More Strange on goings The ood have invaded Princess Stephanie's kingdom. Please be careful watch for creatures with glowing red eyes and a white sphere attached to there chest.
- The Doctor

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