RDG 6319 Foundations of Reading, Summer 2016 discussion

Dear Mr. Henshaw

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message 1: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Thornton | 19 comments Love Beverly Cleary and love this story. I think that this story really shows the impact that authors and their work can have on children. I love how Leigh starts writing to Mr. Henshaw in second grade and continues as his life gets more difficult. Through Mr. HInshaw’s advice to him Leigh is able to express himself through writing which gave him an outlet during difficult times. Many students experience divorce or separation within their homes and may feel the same emotions Leigh did in this book. I love the maturation of Leigh’s character throughout this novel. Some activities that could be done in the classroom are writing letters to a favorite author, keeping a journal throughout the book, or even making a lunch box alarm in science class.

message 2: by Nickole (new)

Nickole Castillo | 39 comments Victoria did you know you can Skype with some authors?! I think your students would love that! I like the idea of students writing a letter to their favorite author because it helps with penmanship, and their writing skills. You could even have the students write to another grade level.


message 3: by Lisa (last edited Jun 08, 2016 10:12AM) (new)

Lisa (drld) | 9 comments Mod
I did not know that it was possible to Skype with some authors! That is so cool! I used to read this aloud to my 4th grade students every year! Very popular with my students.

message 4: by Robyn (new)

Robyn | 18 comments I like how Leigh's teacher has her class write to their favorite author and the journey Leigh takes to complete the class assignment. Leigh found a way to articulate his feeling (emotions), first by writings letters to Mr. Henshaw and then through his journal. Gradually, not only does Leigh's spelling improve but so does his attitude on life.

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