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message 1: by Fallingleave (new)

Fallingleave | 4 comments Hello,

I'm a person that likes to read a lot. If you have something you like me to read and comment on I will gladly do so.

I can't correct grammar or spelling but I can judge your characters and descriptions. I am a very honest person so if you are easily offended then please don't ask me but if you want an honest view, I'm the person you are looking for.

I'm a 21 year old girl from Belgium.
My email:
I read everything, erotica lgbt+ included.
I prefer man/man or fantasy.

message 2: by Madison (new)

Madison Lawson | 53 comments Hello! I emailed you. I have a 25k horror novella and a short story collection if you are interested. Thank you!

Salima Bensalah | 52 comments Hi there, I hope you are well.

Thank you for offering your services. If you are still available, I'd really appreciate if it you could take a look at my story, A Crimson Tide - a YA dark fantasy fairy tale retelling with romantic elements. Please PM me if you are interested. The description is below:

Anna White is certain that the murders in the village are down to more than just wild animal attacks. Suspicious of the village elites, Anna uses the attention of the Mayor's son, Caleb, to her advantage. When Anna uncovers a deep secret about the creature on the outskirts of the village, she cannot trust anyone. She must protect her father and the rest of her village, while battling the seduction of the dark forest.

Thank you for your consideration!

message 4: by B.P. (new)

B.P. Baggett (bpbaggett) | 107 comments Hello,

My name is Ben Baggett, I am the Author of four fantasy books, the legends of Aeolyne, heroes of Aeolyne v. 1&2 and Mynabarda. I am a sole creator of my fantasy universe and I love it. I am open to chats and questions about my books.

My books on Amazon.

My Facebook

My Goodreads

YouTube channel

I am looking for a beta reader

message 5: by Stella (new)

Stella Purple | 22 comments Hi! I'm looking for beta readers for my new reverse harem book. Currently ongoing, 30k so far. I'm looking for someone who can correct my grammar/typo errors.

You should pick this project if:

#1 You like reverse harem.

#2 Badass, intelligent heroine.

#3 Wanna read the first novel to ever have different types of vampires (at least as far as I know of). I'm not talking about different types of hybrids, or classification (like royalty or none), but more like different biologies (ex: red blooded, blue blooded, strigoi, etc).

#4 Can edit in Google Doc.

< Synopsis: >
An ancient race in modern time
Dying in the midst of a waging war.
One girl must unite all clans to survive.
Separated, they shall perish.
Together, they shall thrive.

If interested, please contact me with the subject: "Beta Read".

Thank you!

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