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New Scout Campaign - The Changeling

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J.G. Faherty (jgfaherty) | 1 comments Struck by lightning, developing new superpowers, and pursued by a power-hungry secret military group that wants to use her as a weapon of mass's so not the 18th birthday that high school senior Chloe Olivetti was hoping for.

This is the summary to my new novel, THE CHANGELING, and I’ve decided to try something new. I’ve launched a Kindle Scout campaign for it. Readers are invited to preview books and vote for the ones they feel worthy of publication by Kindle Press. I don’t normally do this, but I’m asking if you have a minute, please register for Kindle Scout (it’s free!), read the excerpt, and if you like it, vote for THE CHANGELING. The benefit to you? If it wins, you get a free copy of the book for your Kindle and the book gets published. Plus, you’ll have my ever-lasting gratitude for your support (and maybe another free gift as well!). Here’s the link:

THE CHANGELING is a YA sci-fi thriller in which a high school senior is the accidental target of a top-secret weapons test. Afterwards, she develops amazing powers, including seeing through walls and transporting herself through space and time. Now the Army has kidnapped her and her family so they can recreate the experiment and build an unstoppable team of invincible soldiers. It's up to Chloe to save the people she loves and put an end to the experiment. But her powers are also slowly draining her life force, and she has no idea if she'll have the strength to stop her enemies before it's too late.

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R.M. Gauthier | 23 comments Welcome to the Scout Party. I have 3 days left on my campaign. It's been quite the experience, but the time has gone fast.

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Meb Bryant (MebBryant) | 11 comments I've also got 3 days left on my campaign for THE PRICE OF NORMAL. R.M. isn't kidding, it's been quite the experience. While I'm checking out your campaign, have a look at mine. Thanks.

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