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Half a Step Away from Love
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Simon Vale | 8 comments In the scheming world of palace intrigue, Inessa Antego is in her element. Being the first lady-in-waiting to the Duke's sister, she won't stop at anything to please her mistress. Cancel an unwanted wedding? Easy. Show a secret lover out of the Duchess' bedchamber? Not a problem. Steal a portrait which compromizes the Duke? All you need is ask. Never mind she does it all with a little help from the palace ghosts. It's true that ghosts' friendship comes with strings attached, but what's a few favors between friends?

The only problem is, Inessa has to play her scheming game against Lord Cameron Estley. Who is smart, clever and painfully handsome. Can she successfully juggle her lady's interests and those of her own heart? Especially considering that hate is only half a step away from love?

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Simon Vale | 8 comments The book is released!

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments Thanks for the info, Simon. And congrats.

Simon Vale | 8 comments 24-hour discount! On July 7, 2016 Half a Step Away from Love by Olga Kuno for only 0.99$

Simon Vale | 8 comments

"… So we are back where we started: give me the letter."
"Give it to me or I will be forced to take it."
"I won't give it to you".
"Where did you hide it?"
His ploy works: I do not answer with words, but for a split second I instinctively lower my eyes.
"I see." Now the eyes of Lord Cameron focus on my décolleté. "That's what I thought." He raises his gaze from my cleavage, albeit reluctantly. "Lady Inessa, give me the letter amicably."
"I'll see you damned first."
He finally shakes his head as if to say that from this point on I'm fully to blame for his actions. Then he steps closer to me and presses me against the wall.
Head thrown back, I look at him languidly, slightly part my lips, and thrust forward my breasts heaving beneath the corset.
"Do you want to engage in this search so badly, Lord Cameron?" I ask breathlessly, bringing my mouth almost to his chin.

Half a Step Away from Love by Olga Kuno

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