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Why 'A Dedication to Life'

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karl levy (karllevy) | 5 comments Mod
One of the most aspects of Sinarth's life is that he is not a victim nor did he at any point think he was a victim. Even when he attempted suicide and changed his mind he was not a victim. At no point did he feel 'woe is me' or felt pity for himself. He may have lost hope and cried at the sheer hopelessness of it all but never was he a victim. Life was just life with its ups and downs and negatives thrown at him. At all times the kids and as an adult he embraced life and interconnected even against his best attempts to not do so. As interconnection in life is physical emotional and spiritual, he may have closed himself down emotionally at times or physically or spiritually but never all three at the same time. Suffering a genocide with the young cow boys as friends, the war with his soldier boys friends, his blindness with Moa, his post blindness with his wife, through friends he always had contact with the world and so had interconnection. That interconnection is life and so with just a little help from some friends at all the right times, he lived a whole life throughout the tragedy.

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J Santics | 1 comments I picked up this book and didn't set it down until I was finished reading it. It is a very good read.
It is a must read for anyone contemplating a visit to Cambodia or anyone who has been there.
Or...... anyone who wonders how a genocide could take place and what was going on in the minds of the average person.

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karl levy (karllevy) | 5 comments Mod
Hi, Thanks John

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