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Rebecca Shepherd (beckywecky) | 13 comments I think the name of the book is called "Way to Go" but I can't be sure. Since it is a South African novel I can't just look it up online.

It starts off with two boys, around 14 years old, who are home alone. They want to go for a milkshake and decide to drive to the nearest store. They can't actually drive and they end up in an accident. One of the boys becomes paraplegic. His parents want to send him to a school for the disabled but he doesn't want to go. His current high school makes a plan to keep him around and his friends end up carrying him a lot. At one point they go to the Magaliesberg and they give a girl actual toilet water for her birthday.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4844 comments There is a "Way to Go!" by Gail Smith. Here is the Worldcat link
I can't find a description, however.

The publisher is Cape Town: Tafelberg

If not, how many years ago did you read this?
Part of a series?
Time period story takes place?

For teens or adults?

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Rebecca Shepherd (beckywecky) | 13 comments Thanks, this seems to fit all of the criteria.

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Kris | 32203 comments Mod
Rebecca, should we mark Way to go! (1995) as Solved or Possibly Solved?

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Rebecca Shepherd (beckywecky) | 13 comments solved

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