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message 1: by Travelin (new)

Travelin | 2 comments Hello. I have basic-to-intermediate spoken Italian and fair-to-poor reading comprehension. I'm looking for someone who wants to go through an Italian classic page-by-page to improve our understanding and my Italian. Right now I have a history of Sicily, a famous novel about the mafia, and several works by Pirandello.

I am a former English teacher and can do the same for you or whatever.

message 2: by Roberta (new)

Roberta (driope) | 5843 comments Mod
I do love sicilian authors as well, but I don't recommend them for a page-by-page reading. There's too much local lingo, I consider sicilian a language and not a mere dialect.
The history book is probably the more standardize text, but I can pick up some short novels for you if you like

message 3: by Rosenkavalier (last edited May 09, 2014 03:25AM) (new)

Rosenkavalier | 189 comments Travelin, I agree with Roberta.

Besides the "lingo" issue, take into account that Pirandello wrote in a rather elaborate way and his novels are full of complicated philosophical issues, not really recommended for a reader with a "fair-to-poor reading comprehension".

If I may make a comparison, when I was in my first period of Spanish studies I read "The Aleph" by Borges and found it a very frustrating experience.

Maybe some short novels would be a better way to start. Unfortunately, I cannot help you. Good luck with your search.

message 4: by Roberta (new)

Roberta (driope) | 5843 comments Mod
I teache dItalian to a Scot couple. I will help, but I need to go to my parents' house this weekend and retrive some papers

message 5: by Travelin (new)

Travelin | 2 comments Roberta wrote: "I teache dItalian to a Scot couple. I will help, but I need to go to my parents' house this weekend and retrive some papers"

I won't really have time for a few days. Email me about what I can do for you, etc. Someone told me that the short mafia novel in my Currently Reading list is standard Italian. But I've also bought the annotated Hobbit in Italian.

message 6: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra | 162 comments The Hobbit can be difficult. Consider that fantasy writers invented world, words and Tolkien a whole language. It is not very easy. i made the opposite, I read the Hobbit and Harry potter in English and it was not a very pleasant experience. Additionally, it is a early '900 book, so not a modern structure in English, translated at that age in italian.
I think that Pirandello could be, especially novels. Calvino or Pavese have a simpler grammar. Skip completely Camilleri and MAlvaldi, too much lingo.
If you need help, please PM me.

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