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Talltree | 167 comments Mod
This is the list of polyandrous menage romances set in a fantasy world with rich world-building. May contain magical elements.


As always feel free to add books to the list and post if any questions!

namericanwordcat | 3 comments So, this is SFR and PNR too? I have to say this is how poly works for me.

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Talltree | 167 comments Mod
Hey namericanwordcat!! Well, we still have to create a list for SFR and PNR. Those are the biggies, you know and I'm kind of saving them for last. When starting those, I can invite you if you like so that you can add to the list. And also sorry about not replying earlier, I swear my notifications don't work anymore, didn't get a single one from the group!! I will try and check in more often since obviously I can't trust the notifications; Gah, GR can be so moody...

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Sue Riley (goodreadscom_sffdragon) | 5 comments Good Morning Everyone,

I've got a little news and an offer for anyone who's interested. A young author I've been reviewing for is looking for people to join her ARC team. She's VERY easygoing and totally undemanding. I've been reviewing her books for about a year and I've added the books to the group list in case anyone wants to have a look and all my reviews are also posted here. She's just graduated from college and is trying to be a writer full time, but while she's been studying, she's also been writing. She writes shortish, hot and humorous paranormal romances featuring bears, all are menage twists on fairy tales and come complete with HEA. She doesn't write cliff-hangers. Her name.. sorry, Sable Sylvan. She's put her entire back catalogue up for members of the ARC team and if anyone's interested, there's a public post on my facebook page with the sign up details and form. She really doesn't ask a lot from people, in fact almost nothing, and she puts books out at the rate of about one every two weeks or so. She also has a closed group on facebook called Sable Sylvan's Sylphs and we're encouraged to ask friends to join, so if anyone wants an invitation, let me know and give me the name you use on facebook, if any. Why don't you give my reviews a read and see what you think. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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Talltree | 167 comments Mod
Hi Sue,

I'm interested, the books sound fun and enjoyable!
Question: I don't have an FB profile nor do I plan to. Can I still sign up to be part of the ARC team?

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Sue Riley (goodreadscom_sffdragon) | 5 comments Talltree wrote: "Hi Sue,

I'm interested, the books sound fun and enjoyable!
Question: I don't have an FB profile nor do I plan to. Can I still sign up to be part of the ARC team?"

I think so. She really doesn't have much in the way of rules and stuff. I only joined facebook last (2015) April-ish because I was reviewing for Candid Book Reviews and all their stuff is now only on fb. I'm also part of a few bookish groups there, but other than that, I don't really do social media. I've got an email from her about it, so if you let me have an addy, I can forward it to you.

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Talltree | 167 comments Mod
Thanks Sue, I've copied your post on to this thread:


so that more members can see it out there!

I've also PMed my email to you:)

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