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Karina Ramirez (karinaramirez) | 338 comments #70
Title: Lord Bachelor
Author: Tammy Bailey
Genre: Contemporary NA Romance
Formats: Epub, & Mobi
Copies: 10
Goodreads link:


Edmund Rushwood is a single English lord in possession of a great fortune who is in desperate need of a rich wife.

In accordance with his father’s will, Edmund has until he turns twenty-six to find a wealthy bride or lose his vast inheritance. To retain his selfish lifestyle, he agrees to join an American dating game show to find the woman who can save him. He doesn’t bargain on meeting Abby Forester, an impoverished, spirited American woman who is content to live out her father’s dreams in his vintage record shop.

With covert intervention from an unlikely source, Abby lands on the dating game show as one of Edmund’s potential brides. As their worlds entangle and love begins to bloom, Abby discovers Edmund cannot marry her and retain his wealth at the same time. Will love keep them together, or will greed triumph and tear them apart?


To sign up please leave your email and what format you'd like. Once copies go out you will have three weeks to Read and Review the book, and please don't forget to post the link to your review in this thread!

If you cannot finish this book for whatever reason, please let us know so we can remove your name from the list and allow someone else to review it. Thank You

1 - Greeva - mobi -
2 - Lucie -mobi -
3 - Elaine - ePub -
4 - Dee - ePub -
5 - Serious - mobi -
6 - Julie - ePub -
7 - Jamie - mobi -
8 - Stacey - ePub -
9 - Angeline - ePub -
10 - Tweety - ePub -

Greeva (greevabgohil) | 54 comments I would like to read the book. My email is
Mobi format please

lucie (arey) I would like to review this book. My email:
Mobi please :)

Medavis66 | 92 comments I'd like to read and review an epub, please.
:-) Elaine

message 5: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee Price (dprice1218) | 213 comments Would love to read. ePub please to Thank you.

Lauren - SERIESous Books (seriesousbookreviews) | 65 comments sounds great!
Mobi please --
(or if you need my mobi directly)
Thank you :)

message 7: by Julie (new) - added it

Julie (missjulsy) | 25 comments Really want to read! ePub please!

message 8: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (jamiegardner) | 2 comments I would be available to read and review a mobi version.

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Derna | 5466 comments Mod
I have just sent copies out to members whose names have been added to the list. Please remember that you have until 29th June (3 weeks) in which to read and review this book, and post your review here. Any problems just let me know. Enjoy!

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Derna | 5466 comments Mod
Jamie wrote: "I would be available to read and review a mobi version."


Stacey Enright | 9 comments I would love to review this book it sound really good. ePub please

message 12: by Derna (new)

Derna | 5466 comments Mod
Stacey wrote: "I would love to review this book it sound really good. ePub please"


message 13: by Micheala (new)

Micheala | 1457 comments 2 more copies!

message 14: by ☆ tweety ☆ (last edited Jun 12, 2016 10:57AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

☆ tweety  ☆ (purplebass) | 155 comments Can I have it? EPUB

message 15: by Neha (new)

Neha (nehalodha73) | 109 comments I would like to read as well

message 16: by Micheala (new)


message 17: by Derna (new)

Derna | 5466 comments Mod
Angeline wrote: "
ePub please"


Medavis66 | 92 comments Thanks for a fun read! I have posted here and at Amazon.
:-) Elaine

lucie (arey) Here is my review. Thank you for opportunity to read this book. :)

message 22: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee Price (dprice1218) | 213 comments I Loved this book. Thank you!

Tammy Bailey (tammylbailey) I would like to thank everyone who read and submitted an honest review for my debut novel, Lord Bachelor. I appreciate your time. Have a wonderful day!

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