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Add your questions for author Nicole in this folder!

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Melinda M (researcher707) | 592 comments Nicole, How did you come up with the idea for this story? Did you have to do much research?

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Great question, Melinda! I'm really enjoying the book - and look forward to the answer!

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Nicole Burnham | 14 comments Hi Melinda! I'm fortunate in that I lived in Europe while in high school (my dad was career army), so I spent a lot of time traveling around Europe. I created Sarcaccia based on places I've visited...Italy and Corsica, in particular. While I did some research on royalty, I gave myself a lot of latitude by creating my own laws for Sarcaccia. However, it was important to me to get the weather/climate right, and to create customs and a history that are believable for that part of the world. To that end, I did research. (It helps that I studied political science in college!) I also end up doing research for all the real places that appear in my Royal Scandals books. For instance, in one of the later books in the series (The Royal Bastard), a couple flees Croatia for Italy. I spent quite a bit of time researching ports, ferry schedules, train schedules, etc. My thinking as an author is that if I get the real-life parts of a story correct, readers will go along for the ride on the fictional parts.

Thanks so much for asking! I will say...making up my own country has been a blast.

Melinda M (researcher707) | 592 comments Thanks for answering , Nicole. I always wonder where ideas come from for authors. Having your own country means you can work things out if something is giving you a problem as it relates to the story without breaking rules. I am enjoying reading your story. Background gives me a better understanding of the story.
Hope you have a good 4th of July

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Nicole Burnham | 14 comments Hope you have a wonderful Fourth, too, Melinda! We're expecting very good weather, so I'm thrilled.

Lola  | 1001 comments Hi Nicole,

Did you have someone in mind when you created Megan & Stefano ? We have had fun putting our spin on who we think everyone in Eternity Springs looks like . If you look in photos you will see our picks lol. I think Celeste is a combination of Betty White ,Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench.
Thanks and as you will find out here I always give Hugs, Lola

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Nicole Burnham | 14 comments Oooh...great question! And FWIW, I completely see Celeste as having the sweet-yet-subtly naughty wit of Betty White, and the tough practicality of Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench.

I didn't have anyone in particular in mind with either Stefano or Megan, though I often do have someone (or a conglomerate of different people) in mind when I create a character. For instance, in THE WICKED PRINCE (which will be out in August), Prince Alessandro--one of Stefano's brothers--reminds me a lot of Prince Harry in that he's likely to be photographed doing things he shouldn't at a hotel party, but he has an inner drive to help those who don't have access to the resources he has.

I have to think about Stefano and Megan now!

Lola  | 1001 comments Thanks Nicole !
Prince Harry is my favorite of the Royal Family , I love his hair and that free spirt he has.
Hugs Lola

Melinda M (researcher707) | 592 comments Nicole, and Lola,
I think Prince Harry is interesting to follow with his adventures, His missteps are interesting as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and answering questions Nicole.

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I just love Prince Harry! The pressure of NOT being the future king has allowed him to be himself - full of mischief, and free-spirited, but with the compassion and generosity of his late mother. She would love his shenanigans. He also served honorably in the armed forces, refusing to allow his status to endanger the men with whom he served. I think both of the princes would have made their mother so proud...

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Nicole Burnham | 14 comments It's those interesting missteps--when combined with a big heart--that make him fascinating.

BTW...I completely forgot to mention this earlier, but for each book, I keep a Pinterest board. There are links to my Pinterest page on my website or you can go on Pinterest and do a search for Nicole Burnham. I had a look in mind for Stefano and posted photos (they're of model Ruben Cortado.) Not the same as an envisioning a particular actor in the role, where you've seen facets of their personality on screen, but it was still fun to imagine.

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Oh yeah!!!! Thank you!!! I'll look for the boards tomorrow!

Lola  | 1001 comments OH MY!!!! FAN FAN FAN !!!! That man is HOT!!!!!!! Those green eyes ,melt! lol Too much for an old lady lol. Hugs Lola

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Nicole Burnham | 14 comments That's what I thought when I first saw those photos, Lola! He deserved multiple pins. :)

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I'm spellbound....followed all the boards....#ManCandy and beautiful scenery!

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