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message 1: by JJ (new)

JJ Holding | 19 comments Mod
Hello everyone and welcome to the group.

I'm Jayde ( but call me JJ)
I'm from England
I love loads of different types of books.

message 2: by Jack (new)

Jack Knapp Hi, JJ; I'm Jack Knapp, from New Mexico USA; I'm usually too busy writing to read much (I recently finished a history of the Big Red One at Omaha Beach; review is posted) but I tend to read widely, history, biography, science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, and even the occasional western or whatevercatchesmyeye.
I shouldn't be impulsive at my age, but I am!
I'm so new here I have no idea of how the group will work, but I suspect I'll find out.
Meantime, I'll be nice to all of you! :D

message 3: by Luke (new)

Luke Ahearn | 2 comments Hi, I'm Luke Ahearn from Monterey, CA. I just finished Euphoria-Z and would love to have you check out my giveaway too.


message 4: by Cody (new)

Cody Reel (codyalanreel) | 1 comments Hi, my name is Cody.

I write fiction and non-fiction, and I want to do a lot of different things career-wise with my life.

message 5: by Jack (new)

Jack Knapp I'm doing my first giveaway this week; Darwin's World will be offered free on Thursday and Friday, June 5th and 6th, from Amazon Kindle.

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Dillingham | 2 comments I am a teacher, Mom, and Grandma. We've recently become empty nesters and I can get back to my love of reading. I love to swap books as I am not one to hold onto mine but hate to see them go to waste. I am also interested in swapping books with others. I am from the Midwest in USA!

message 8: by LeeSha (new)

LeeSha (leeshamccoy) | 1 comments Hey, I'm Leesha and I'm from the UK. I'm a Wife, a Mother, an Author, I work part time and study IT at university. Love reading, love writing, love food way too much and I braid hair in my spare time which isn't often.

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