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Chy Chy and Toota

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Hey

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Shit. Both number 2 and 3 are so good. Idk, man O.o
Which one would you prefer?

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments In #3, I don't mind either but in #2, I'd prefer to be Muse B.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Either is fine.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Yeh, I'm totally fine with being the guy. Should we do number 1 or 2? I was thinking a sort of mixture of both?

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments It's alright.

Yeh, like that but the guy has also changed a lot, so like both of them have to save each other.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Okay, sure.

Name: Aiden Michaelson
Age: 20
Appearance: http://pin.it/HEQiHtI

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments How do you want to start?

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments I can try, as long as the rp doesn't go slow.
And yes, if you can start, please, do.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments ((I should ask, is this a sort of fantasy or just royalty kind of thing?))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments ((Yeh, I'd prefer to because it always adds to the roleplay, yk? Oh, also, would they already be all lovey dovey or not yet?))

Aiden, at this time, was almost always in Amelia's room, cleaning up the non-existent messes. Usually, he'd try to be out of her room before she got back. It wasn't like he didn't like spending time with her, he loved to—he loved her—but he never wanted to get her in trouble. If anyone found out about them hanging out, she wouldn't deal with it well—not that he would deal with it well, he'd probably be killed—but still. He was worried more about her than about himself. He walked into her adjoined toilet and cleaned the floor with water before picking up her clothes and taking them at the door so he would take them out to be cleaned. Then he went back to replace her empty shampoo bottle and her soap.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments ((Actually, how about he is actually dead? So when she does the dark magic thing, she succeeds and he returns but she doesn't know it? So when he finds her, he's a demon or something like that?))

Aiden sighed and stood up when he heard his name. He frowned when he heard the desperation in her voice and walked out of the bathroom. "Milly?" He asked, using his nickname for her. "Whats wrong?" He asked, stepping up to her to look over her face. He moved her hair off her face so he could see it better. "Why're you crying?" He asked, looking her over to see if she was hurt, physically. When he didn't see anything, he stood straight again and hugged her. "Milly, tell me." He said, a serious look on his face that probably told her that he'd burn the kingdom down to find out what it was that was bothering her.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments ((I don't really know where I got it from xD. I think it was just something that came up in a book or a roleplay or something of the sort.))

Aiden tensed when she said that but he kept his arm around her waist. He waited a few moments before responding again, "it's okay," he murmured. "Everything'll be okay," he said, quietly, not wholly believing it. It wasn't like she could refuse to marry a prince because of a servant boy. Even if she waned to, she couldn't refuse her father. He pulled away a little, reaching his hands up to wipe her tears. Honestly, he had no idea what to say to her. It wasn't like he could go against her father's word. "I'm sorry," he murmured quietly.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments "I know," Aiden sighed. "I know what he's like. I've had a brief encounter with him," he explained as he slowly, reluctantly let her go. "I guess you'll have to talk to your dad, again, or your mom. Your mom wouldn't make you do anything you didn't want to do," he said. "You could always suggest a ball, in your honour. For you to find your own suitor," he said, not quite believing that he was talking her into it. Had he stooped so low? He was convincing the woman that he loved to find someone else. He couldn't be with her anyways, he might as well convince her to be with someone else.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments "I know, but she'd also try to talk to him out of it," Aiden told her as moved her to sit and then sat down on the floor in front of her. Whether they were friends or not, he was still a servant boy. "You might even fall in love with a suitor on the way, plus, it'll buy you a lot more time to find a wealthy man who both you and your father like," he said, leaning back on his hands as he sat. He wanted to leave because every time he was with her, he had the urge to tell her how he felt. This time was no different. But he also knew that if he left, she wouldn't deal very will with the fact that she had to be married off. He sighed, "you knew this was coming, anyways."

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments "Milly," Aiden sighed and sat up a little. "Maybe for the good of the kingdom, you'll have to settle for less than what you want." He said, "at least this way, if it is less, you'll get to choose. And trust me, I'd take the offer. Damien is not the Less you're looking for. You want more time? Do the suitor ball thingy majiggy," he said and cracked a smile. "Second best isn't that bad, you know."

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden fidgeted uncomfortably when she sat down next to him on the floor. He hated it when she tried to make them seem like equals. They weren't. And he constantly had to remind himself of that so that he didn't blurt out his feelings for her. Sometimes, he wondered where all this self control was coming from. "If you're so upset about this, are you sure you can have exactly what you want?" Aiden asked. "Because you being born into this and your marriage is for the kingdom and though I don't support arranged marriages, the kingdom can't afford to crumble, Mills."

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments "It's about finding aliases in other kingdoms, not just whether you marry for love or not," he paused and then nodded. She didn't have to ask twice, she never had to. "I'll do whatever you want me to do, Princess," he said and then sat up again. He pulled something out of his pocket. "Crystal wanted me to give you this," he said and handed her a childish bracelet, he smiled. Crystal was the youngest of 4 sisters he needed to take care of. "She made it herself," he said, trying to get her mind off of the arrangement for a bit.

((This is a modern kind of fantasy, right?))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments ((I'm better with modern, yeh, but if you really want to, I don't mind.))

Aiden smiled softly at her. "You're such a liar," he said. "It's just a kids bracelet," he said, "but I'll tell her anyway. They love you, too. They really want to see you again, especially Crystal. I have a feeling you're sort of her idol, now." He chuckled slightly at the four year old. "It's cute, though." He murmured as he watched her. "Without me? You'll probably be the exact same as you are now," he shrugged. "But you're my best friend, Milly. I'd help you even if my life was on the line."—which it was. He didn't mention that.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments "You have billions of different types of jewelry. What do you like about a. Kids bracelet?" He chuckled and leaned back on his hands again. He watched her quietly and he opened his mouth but he just gave her one of his contagious smiles. "Whatever you say, Princess," he said, trying to lighten the heavy mood that seemed to cramp up the air in the room. If he was being truthful with himself, he probably wouldn't have been able to get through all these years without her. She made him want to live, despite his shit life. Before her, he was alive, just breathing, for his sisters but now he wanted to live. He wanted to smile and laugh and he wanted to get caught up in everything that was her but he couldn't. All he could do now was stand at the edge of her life and watch as it progressed from the lowest points of his job. And if only the job paid well. But he never brought it up, he never told her.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden smiled softly and he couldn't say that he didn't love her for how good she was with his sisters. "I know, I know," he sighed and looked at her. "Trust me, I wouldn't be dealing so well if I didn't have you in my life," he promised. Then he chuckled, "you do realize you have a bed and you don't have to lie down on the floor, right?" He smiled and leaned over to kiss her head. "I have to get back to work. Don't think too much and you know where to find me if you need to talk again or anything," he said as he went to grab the laundry basket. He hated leaving her like that. But it was moments like these that he felt he could barely hold his words and feelings back and so he had to depart. He told himself he was doing it for her, for her safety and for the safety of her heart.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden laughed softly and watched her for a moment. "At least sit or lay down on the bed, you shouldn't be on the floor," he said and came back to sit on said floor, next to her. He hadn't even been talking about her room, he had meant work in general. He was pretty sure he was going to get fired one of these days. While it would be nice to get a break from the palace, he wouldn't be able to find a job as easily and they needed the money. It didn't matter. She asked him to stay with her and he did. He wouldn't refuse anything of her unless he truly couldn't do it or buy it or whatever. It was weird because really, there was nothing more he could give her. She already had everything.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden leaned his head against hers on his shoulder and sat quietly for bit. He smiled softly when she kissed his cheek and then turned his head towards hers a little. He was aware of how dangerously close their faces were but he didn't want to pull away. "I still think you should go ahead and ask your parents for the suitor ball thingy." He said. "Anything is better than Damien," he told her, his voice low and slightly hoarse because of how close they were and how it was affecting him. His heart wasn't being sane either. It was all over the place.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments "Actually, I bet you can think of gazillions of people that are better than Damien," Aiden teased, finally pulling his face away and dropping his head backwards a little. "I mean, I don't know if you've noticed but he's not the best of men," he suggested. "Shit smells and looks and acts better than he does." He said, shaking his head. The man irritated him to no end. Unlike Amelia, Damien was the stereotypical Prince. He was snobby, picky and rich. He didn't care about anyone but himself. "I'd rather be stuck in a room with shit than be stuck in a room with him." He mumbled.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden could have sworn his heart stopped in that instant but he also didn't like awkwardness and he didn't like tension. He lowered his head again in front of hers on his shoulder. He rested his nose against hers. He really had no idea what to say. He wanted to crack a joke but then he didn't want her to think it was rejection. "But you can't have him... And he definitely can't have you," he said quietly, closing his eyes a little. "You deserve better than him," he finally said because it was true. She deserved the best and he definitely wasn't it.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden kept his eyes clothes. "Ask anyone. Everyone will tell you you can't, starting with your parents," he told her before he opened his eyes. Hyperaware of her hand on his face, Aiden just stared at her, not completely believing that this was happening to him. Him of all people! "There are millions of people better for you than him," he said. He could feel her breath on his lips and he was watching hers. He lifted his eyes finally to meet hers. "Sometimes your feelings cloud your judgement," he said and then let out a deep breath. "Milly..."

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden could have sworn he was dreaming. He secretly pinched himself in the arm to make sure he wasn't sleeping. How could a princess like her be into him? A servant boy. "Your mother would still not agree to someone like me," he told her and then finally, once she said those words. Those 3 very, very dangerous words. He dropped his head further and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her lovingly, softly, deeply. After a moment, he pulled away to look over her face. "I-... I love you, Mills. But you know we can't truly be together." He whispered.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden rested his head against hers, staring at the ground and he slowly nodded. "This is a dangerous game to play," he said, the ghost of her lips still lingering on his. God, did he want to kiss her again. Again and again and again. "I know I know, I'm sorry," he said softly to her and then, "whatever happens, promise me you'll make sure nothing happens to my sisters." He said pleadingly, needing to at least have that reassurance. "You don't have to take care of them, just make sure they're safe." He said.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden nodded and then grinned softly. "Me neither," he said and watched her for a few moments. He really did have to go. He had dinner duty that day and Chef Gaston wasn't one to be kept waiting but Aiden couldn't leave her, not right then. Instead, he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. He just hugged her around the waist, like that, for a long time, inhaling her scent, memorizing how she felt in his arms. It was surreal to be able to hold her like that and not worrying about giving her the wrong impression.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden looked down at her again and cupped her cheek. He sighed, not really wanting to leave. "Will you be okay?" He asked, referring to the arranged marriage subject. He then nodded, "of course, if you want me to, I'll be by but I usually finish late, is that okay?" He asked, again, watching her because he loved it. Loved watching her. Loved her. In a way, now that they had admitted it, he felt lighter. Like the words were a burden he needed to release. He leaned down and even though he hadn't asked the first time, he felt the need to do so this time. "Can I kiss you again, Amelia?" He asked softly.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden nodded and smiled softly before he leaned down and kissed her softly, the feel of her lips exactly as he'd imagined, if not softer. Those lips would be imprinted into his memory forever. He kissed her a for a few moments before he pulled away. "I'm sorry but I really should get to work," he said and kissed her head before he stood. "I promise I'll be by after I finish with my work." He said, holding his hand out for her to take so he could help her off the floor.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden smiled softly, glad. He pulled her to him again by the hand and kissed her again. He looked down at her after a moment, "I love you, Milly," he whispered before he began to step away backwards a few steps, then he turned around and grabbed the laundry basket. "See you later," he promised as he lifted the basket and walked out with it to the servants quarter. He left the basket there and then proceeded on to the kitchen where he was to help Gaston cook and then serve the food he cooked. He sighed and got to that. He was on the Caesar Salad for that night. Him and two other servants.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden could barely keep his happiness in as he chopped up vegetables. He was so enthusiastic about it that even the two other servants looked at him weirdly. Aiden didn't bother with an explanation. Instead, he just went on with the vegetables. By the time he was done, it was dinner time and it was time to serve. He picked up his large bowl of salad and quickly mixed it up while a servant left, came back and another servant left and came back again to keep the dining room from crowding with servants. He was the third to leave.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Finally, it was Aiden's turn to walk in. He held his breath like he always did because he seemed to always have a reaction to her presence and holding his breath helped. He stepped in and took a deep breaths when his eyes fell on Amelia. He then shifted his eyes to the ground and walked to each of the royal member until he reached her. He didn't say a thing as he stepped away and walked out of the room to grab some wine for them because Chef Gaston forgot to tell someone to get it. Then he was the last one to go in, pouring wine for all of them except Amelia, who's father only let her drink on occasions.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden took a deep breath and then stood at the end of the room because wine was always called for again, a lot. He stared at the floor quietly, never daring to look up again. He could almost feel Amelia wanting to talk to him but unable to. He listened to her father complain about, well, everything. Aiden also wasn't complaining, though, because her father had the power to cut his head off. He also had the power to stop him from seeing Amelia so yep, Aiden wasn't complaining.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden felt someone's eyes on him every once and a while and he was sure it was Amelia but as always, he spoke not a word and his eyes never left the ground. When finally it was dessert, the wine bottle had finished and so Aiden left to get a new one. He came back and dessert was already served and the king was already asking for more wine. Aiden complied and poured him some before standing back in his place.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments ((Would the king be good or like... The kind of king that would be rebelled against?))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments ((Okay xD.))

Once the king was done and stood up, that was pretty much indication that everyone was dismissed if they wished to be. Aiden took his wine bottle and put it back to in the wine cellar for a different night. He came back, hoping Amelia would have left already. He trusted the servants with his life but he didn't know when a rival would pop up and so he hated having any sort of conversation with her in front of anyone. He started picking up all the empty plates and putting them on a tray so he could take them down to be washed. It was always just 2 or 3 servants doing one job because that was how Chef Gaston liked it.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments By the time Aiden was done with all his work, it was 2am. He really didn't want to stop by, not wanting to disturb her in the middle of the night but though he though that, his heart didn't agree. It was beating a million miles an hour. The closer they got, the louder and faster his heart seemed to beat. When he finally got there, he looked around to make sure no one was watching and then knocked softly, in case she was really asleep. He was so tired, his limbs were aching and his head was pounding and he was pretty sure he looked like shit but he decided to ignore all that. He just wanted to be with Amelia for now.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden began to turn away when she took a bit. He sighed, slightly disappointed and then perked up when the door opened. "Di-" he chuckled softly when she pulled him in suddenly. "It's 2," he said and watched her tiredly. "Did I wake you?" He asked but he could see the sleep on her face. He sighed softly, "i'm sorry... It's hard to finish early. I barely ever do." He watched her again because honestly, he was barely thinking and he didn't know what to do.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden wanted to tell her not to ask him about her job. It was bad enough he was a servant and she was a princess, he didn't want to get into the details. He sighed and smiled softly at her offer. "Thank you," he said softly. "May I?" He asked, gesturing to the floor because his body was aching from all the work and he wasn't sure he could stay standing any longer and he knew she would sense it.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden sighed and started to disagree with her but then she said that. "I'm filthy, Milly, I cant," he said, not wanting to make her bed smell like sweat and bathroom cleaner as well as onions and all those stuff. Maybe on other occasions, he might have gone for it but this time he didn't. He watched her and then smiled softly. He really did want some but he still kept his hands at his sides. They were good friends but they never hung out long enough for food to be involved and he really did prefer to sit on the floor, whether it was because she was a princess or not.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden couldn't say no to her. So he moved to sit next to her but then she offered the chair and he hesitated. He didn't want to offend her and so he sat down in her comfy bed. "Hi," he said playfully, tiredly. He could tell she was trying to make him feel like he was good or at the very least, okay but still. He watched her, feeling like just sagging onto the floor and bed and well; everywhere. "Where did you get those from, anyways?" He wondered about the cookies.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden watched her before he reached over to take one but only that one. He bit into it and almost groaned at how delicious they tasted but he didn't, not wanting to show Amelia just how little he ate things like this. He knew she would fight for him if she found out and that would only get him in trouble. "They're great," he told her before taking another bite. "I can see why you like them so much."

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden finished the cookie not long later but he didnt take another. He leaned his head against hers on his shoulder. "Milly..." He said softly, turning his head to hers just like he had that evening, leaving only a sliver of space between their faces. He let out soft sigh. "God, it's like you grow more beautiful by the day," he murmured, unable to help himself.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments When her hand lifted to Aiden's cheek and touched it, his eyes fluttered closed, too. He brushed his lips against hers softly until she pressed hers fully onto his then his hand wondered up to her face to hold it against his as he kissed her back. He could feel his heart rate escalate and his breathing became ragged. It was too good to be true—she was too good to be true.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments Aiden honestly didn't care anymore. He didn't care about anything. He threw caution to the wind and slowly deepened the kiss, his hand moving off her face and resting against her waist. He smiled when she pressed herself to him and let her before slowly pulling away to admire her face.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46927 comments He let her pull away but didn't push for another kiss. He watched her again because she was beautiful and he didn't know how to explain it to her. "I... I don't think thats best," he said and shook his head. "His obligation is towards the kingdom, the only reason he wants you to marry Prince dickhead is because of it." He said and blushed, clearing his throat. "Excuse my language, I apologize." He said.

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