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Free Today May 9th: RIVER OF DESIRE

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message 1: by J.K. (last edited May 08, 2014 03:37PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

J.K. Winn | 15 comments Imagine traveling deep into the Amazon Jungle, where every step is a struggle through thick undergrowth, any rock or tree may mask a venomous creature and somewhere, at some time, you will run up against a mysterious Hemorrhagic Fever.

River of Desire tells the tale of Leah Roberts, a reporter on assignment in Peru, who hires professional guide, Dylan Hart, to escort her into the Amazon jungle on the trail of a deadly disease. On the river, Leah and Dylan encounter treacherous rapids and carnivorous creatures, but what they fear most is the attraction growing between them. Their travels finally lead them to a reclusive doctor who holds the answer to the sudden appearance of the lethal viral strain.

Don't expect the ordinary when you begin a trip down the River of Desire. So hop on board the boat and take a thrilling, sometimes life threatening, but always action-packed ride down the mighty Amazon with Leah and Dylan, who face daunting adventures, but know that love is the most amazing adventure of all.

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Jessica Alcazar (omgreadsblog) This link should take people to Amazon:

J.K. Winn | 15 comments Jessica wrote: "This link should take people to Amazon:"

Thanks Jessica!

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