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Hi this is Ash's journal please check with Ash if u can comment

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Here's a story (true story, but names have been changed)

On the evening of December 8th, 2002, a grateful, gorgeous young woman gave birth to a beautiful daughter. This girl was to be named Maricella. Life was so far wonderful for the newborn. Loving parents, loving grandparents, uncles, aunts, sister, cousins, you name it. Everything was perfect. As she grew older, life became a roller coaster. From two new siblings to friends at school. It was the good kind of roller coaster.
Until the evening of January 18th, 2014. That morning, she had finished a basketball game. Her team had won the game. She was to go home and relax the rest of the day. However, around 9 pm that night, she heard her mother call her name. "Your Grandfather was hit by a motorcycle driver down in Mexico. He's dead, Maricella." Her mother croaked before breaking down into tears. Maricella broke down too. She cried herself to sleep that evening.
Months went by. Nothing was getting better for Maricella. She had fallen into a state of depression. Always crying, always heartbroken. Her friends laughed at her when she told them her grandfather passed away. Her family couldn't comfort her and barely take care of her because they were deeply upset as well. She felt no one cared for her. She had rational thoughts. Self-harm, depression, anxiety, suicide. She thought that suicide would be the only way to be happy again. To make her family happy. To finally be with her grandfather that she has been longing to hold again.
She looked around and saw a bottle of medication. She thought long and hard about it. "Is this really what I want? Do I really want to leave? Do I want to make my family feel worse than they already feel?" She thought to herself. Then she looked away and said "no." Maricella just sat on her bed and called a friend for support. They were to talk until late into the night.
As more months went by, Maricella's depression started to fade. She relapsed a few times and nearly self harmed, but she didn't. She knew that it would not fix anything and her problems would still be there. She soon went to middle school and found new friends who understood her situation. Soon, she found friends from all over the world who love her dearly and accept who she is. She couldn't ask for anything or anyone better than her online friends. They give her reassurance and love at all times, all Maricella ever wanted. To fit in and be loved by people who understand her.

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Aww *hugs Cas* I didn't know that was what happened. I'm glad you pulled through sis.

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments *hugs Mar* I know sis. I usually am not open about my past because it brings back bad memories. But thank you. I'm glad I pulled through as well. I would've never met you and the rest of our family if I didn't

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments *hugs tightly* I know big bro. I'm sorry for not telling my story earlier. I just felt like I wasn't ready before (of course you're allowed to comment! You're my big bro. You and everyone else from our family are allowed to comment)

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((Is it okay for me to comment in here Ash??))

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((Awesome :D thanks!! ))

Ik u dont no me all that well...but im really sorry about the breaks my heart seeing people in soo much pain!! If you ever need someone to talk to....i'll always be willing to listen *hugs*

Oh and hey my lil brother and sis didn't see u there before - it seems Ash we may be a little bit more connected then we both realised :) lol

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments ((Welcome (-: ))

Thanks *hugs tight*

I guess we are haha XD

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hehe yes...who would have known K btw if u didnt no :D

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Hey K! I'm Cas, in case you didn't know. You can call me Ash tho

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:D Awesome!!! its a pleasure to be properly introduced to one another :D

So how long have u known fuzzily (ohh sorry I mean Mar - Fuzzily is my nickname for her lol :D ) and PAJ....??

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Indeed it is (:

I've known Mar for a little over 6 months and Alby for almost 6 months now.

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Ohh Cool :) I've known Fuzzily the longest over 8 months and PAJ well we were friends on GR's for awhile but its only until recently that we have become really feels like ive known him forever u no what i mean? they just become so ingrained in ur life.....

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Exactly. I know what you mean. I felt that way when i first go to to know them. I loved them both from the start

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Yeah.....I love them both soo much!! Dont no what I would do without em both!!

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Preach it! I feel the exact same way!!

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Aww.... :)

so what are u doing with yourself?? Im guessing u at school yes?

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments School is out for summer, so I'm just relaxing and talking to friends so far, but I'm also planning a huge vacation for me and my dad. We are planning on going to England and possibly another country that is yet to be determined at the end of August

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Oh big bro. We can start a fanclub for both of you if you like. And I'm serious about it. I'll get on it right now :)

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Are you sure big bro? I can make you one. It's no trouble

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Okay. Final desision be determined :)

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Well, I want to be fair, so if Mar gets a fanclub, so do you big bro. (:

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Perseus Albus Jackson wrote: "-_- Just make Mar's. It won't be unfair. Hehe"

so you suggested it! thanks :)

and of course you have to get your own fanclub too!

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Are you sure? Because I don't want to be unfair and make one for one person and not everyone else

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If you don't make his fanclub, I'll make it :)

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments We can make it together sis!

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Yay!! Sure sis!

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Haha okay sis!

Hi, third wheeling over here! *grins* I'm kidding. You guys are adorable together

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Aww thanks love *grins and winks back*

Hehe thanks sis!

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments You're welcome sis! I'm glad you guys found eachother! You really are a perfect match (:

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Aww I think so too!

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments I'm glad (-:

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments You guys are so adorable together!!! <3

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Hehe :)

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Awwwww it's because of you too, my adorable silly goose

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments *grins* awwww! This is too adorable! <3

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Alone, I'm just okay.
But together, we're the adorableness bomb lol

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments I'm getting jealous over here *grins* just kidding

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Are we spamming our lil sis' diary? Lol

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Woah I never did anything like that Alby

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments I don't mind you guys spamming my diary. You're my family, you guys are allowed to

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*feels slightly guilty*
She did say I could...
*stops feeling guilty*

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Haha keep going sis! You guys can say whatever you like, as long as it's PG-13

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Dramomid ~The Demon of the Dark~ (aka T)  | 683 comments Mod
Wait so no PG stuff

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Hahaha lo u guys are adorable!!!


Oh and Ash that sounds awesome about the vacation/holiday :)

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Well, let me rephrase that. You can say whatever you like as long as it doesn't go above PG-13.

Thanks K! I'm really excited! Except my dad is letting me pick the second country to go to, and I don't know which one to go to. He said we can go anywhere in Europe or Asia. I want to go to India, but I also want to go to Spain. I'm not sure which country i should pick

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Nah malaysia is too hot. Wait...for the sake of my country I should say come here pls...but seriously it isnt that good lol.

And England is amazing!!! And wales! And scotland! :D *gets excited*

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 90 comments Well, I still have the rest of the month to decide. At the end of the month is when me and my dad are planning the itinerary. I wish I could come to India and Malaysia both to visit you guys, but we also have to make time for England. I'll think about it and also see where my dad wants to go rather than England. I'll get back to you guys on the final decision

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Ur in India!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?

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