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Victoria Pleavin (victoriaimogen) | 1 comments Hi,

I have read me before you on multiple occasions, and I must admit it is one of my all time favorites. When I heard it was going to be a movie I was ecstatic for 30 seconds... then worried it would spoil the book for me.

I am yet to see it, and from a point of view from others who are also yet to see it, what parts of the book do you think will be portrayed best and do you think they will/have left anything out?

Victoria :-)

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Houle | 24 comments I think it is inevitable that things will be left out. No movie can include the whole book.

message 3: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Limpens (pandawawa) | 1 comments I saw it this week and I must confess : what a disappointment !

First of all, I find that Emilia Clarke is really not Lou Clark. Too much expression on her face, I really found it annoying.

The story is well adapted in the movie (even they removed some informations and part of the book - they can't do it differently) but there was not this poetry and emotion that there was in the book.

I know I expected always to much from adaptation, but I here I really feel like there is something missing.

Are there other people that saw it ? What do you think ?

message 4: by Anny (new)

Anny (annyreads) Way late to this train but I only finished the book yesterday and watched the movie in the evening (I'd deliberately waited to finish the book first because I hate doing it the other way around).

I found that the movie was quite rushed, the emotional bond between Lou and Will was not given time to evolve at all. I know, it was just 6 months, but that's the point. The book showed so much detail.

Also I found some specifics about the movie a bit strange, for example they completely left out why Mr Traynor wasn't reachable while Will was sick, or when Lou left Patrick, these scenes were important in order to not make Lou look like a complete selfish idiot. Which is sad, because I really identify with Lou, for better or worse x)

But it's like the previous commenters have said, an adaptation will never be as good as we want it to be. On a whole, it was a good movie. I think I would've noticed less "errors" if I hadn't just finished the book only a few hours before watching it.

message 5: by Tallulah (new)

Tallulah Johnston (tallulah98) | 14 comments Yes I completely agree with you Anny! I still enjoyed the movie but the romance as you said was very sudden and there were just several things that didn't add up!
I did like the book more but I think the characters were really well presented by the actors, Lou could have been a little more pensive if I can think of anything. In the novel her character was emotional but around Will she seemed to hide them more.
Thats all I can really think of in that area though!

message 6: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Day (nikkiday) I must be in the minority here, I really enjoyed the movie! I only watched it for first time a week ago. While there was important things left out that annoyed me, I think the fact I still bawled my eyes out at the end even though I knew what happens showed I was still invested in the movie.

One thing though: Emilia Clarke's eyebrows! I couldn't stop looking at how much she moved them and it bugged me!

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