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message 1: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthais) Hey all!

Unbelievably it is already time to think about our July/August group reads. You can nominate any book with mental health theme - fiction or non-fiction, long, short, whatever! It's also fine to re-nominate a book from May/June (obviously except the one we actually read).

Don't forget there are a load of books on the group shelves if you need inspiration.

This thread will close on Monday 13th June

message 2: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Alexander (joshua_alexander) Thanks Martha!!! I would like to nominate my book "Healing Schizoaffective":

I wrote it with the intention of being of service-to-others, and I think it will really help people with mental illness, as well as people working in the field. I would love to hear some discussion about it, and get some of your feedback. Thank you!

message 3: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthais) Thanks Joshua, it's on the list!

My nomination is The Man Who Couldn't Stop

message 4: by Marina (new)

Marina (sonnenbarke) Can't believe we're already there! Summer is approaching :-)

I'd like to nominate The Trick Is to Keep Breathing.

message 5: by Rick (last edited Jun 06, 2016 02:12PM) (new)

Rick (papadrum) I'd like to nominate my book, "MiXED NUTS or what I've Learned Practicing Psychotherapy"

It was written so that the general public could get a glimpse into the field of psychotherapy... full of stories and insights and humor. Five-star average on Amazon.

message 6: by Macha (last edited Jun 07, 2016 05:59AM) (new)

Macha Marvillet | 3 comments I'm very excited for the upcoming books and I'd like to nominate Suicide Notes :).

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy Birks (amymore1027) | 2 comments Last night there was a book release party here at my work, and I was unable to attend the party. I would like to nominate this book. It may not be a appropriate for all audiences, but I want to take a look.
The Moon Prince and the Sea
The Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities, Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, and Et Alia Press invite you to a launch party for the publication of children’s book The Moon Prince and The Sea (Et Alia Press, 2016), written and illustrated by University of Utah medical student Daniela Rose Anderson (MS2018). A discussion and book signing will be held on the Garden Level of the Spencer Eccles Health Sciences Library on Monday, June 6 from 5-8 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

The Moon Prince and The Sea is based on the true story of a bond formed across an ocean between two children who found joy despite terminal illnesses. In a hospital in India, Sumit is surrounded by children who call the hospital their home; in a hospital in America, Marina is surrounded by her loving family and friends. The book is named for Sumit, the moon prince, who paints a map of two moons that the children will later find on their adventure, and Marina, whose name means “of the sea.” The pair embarks on a magical adventure that raises questions about love, life, and death in a manner designed to be accessible to and comforting for children and families. This book is intended for children and families experiencing sickness, grief, or loss, and for any child who is curious about these topics. Written in memory of Sumit and Marina, proceeds from The Moon Prince and The Sea will support children otherwise financially unable to access the medical care they need.

message 8: by Tussila (new)

Tussila Spring (tussilaspring) | 3 comments Hi, I have just joined this club and I am not sure if I am allowed to suggest my own book to be nominated?

In case I have, the book is: Tussila's Book I

The book is my authentic diary, inclusive watercolor paintings, and it is showing how the life with complex ptsd might look like from a patients view.

I would appreciate it very much if you would care to read my work and to tell me what you think about it.
My main goal publishing this very personal diary is to help shedding light on these very confusing and complex mental conditions. If my book can be useful to others, I would be very happy, (and perhaps a little proud too...)
Thank you so much
Tussila Spring

message 9: by Duncan (new)

Duncan MacLeod (duncanwritesbooks) | 6 comments I really had hoped to nominate my novel/memoir 5150: A Transfer.

I wrote the book in the first person present tense, which drags the reader in to the process of a mind struggling with psychosis. My hope is that people who read it, particularly friends and family with a loved one in the hospital, will gain some insight and empathy for those of us who suffer and survive mental illness.

HOWEVER, I can see that it may become a zero sum game if we don't second any nominations. I will bring up 5150 on the next round, and for now I would second the nomination for Mixed Nuts.

If your curiosity is piqued, you can check out 5150 on for free, or you can buy it on Amazon.

message 10: by Marina (new)

Marina (sonnenbarke) I really don't want to be a nuisance, especially since I'm not a mod, but I think it's only fair to point out that Amy's and Tussila's nominations are not readily available, so it would make things difficult should they win.
This I checked on However, I've also checked on, although not everyone lives in the US: Tussila's book is not available even there, while Amy's book is but it costs 19$ which is a lot for a 48 pages book.
Moreover, just to be more of a nuisance, I don't believe Amy's book fits the mental health theme.
Sorry about this, I hope no one is offended.

message 11: by Martha (last edited Jun 10, 2016 02:17AM) (new)

Martha (marthais) Hi all,

Firstly, thanks for all the new nominations, it's great to have more people participating.

Right now, there aren't any official guidelines on who can nominate and which books can be nominated, other than the mental health / non-mental health split. I appreciate that then makes it tricky to know whether or not it's okay to nominate a book, and I apologise if this has caused any confusion. In light of this conversation, what I will do sometime next month is try to get a better understanding from members about the kinds of books they're willing to read as part of Group Reads, and if they have any price or format barriers.

For the purposes of this nomination window, I am inclined to agree with Marina on a couple of points.

1. Amy's book

Thanks for nominating this Amy, I agree that it looks like a beautiful book. However, it's not clear from the synopsis that it relates to mental health. It speaks about children with terminal illnesses, and while that would of course impact on the child and family's mental wellbeing, it's not really a mental illness as such. You supplied the text from a launch invitation - I think that because it is very new, it's not yet widely available. Right now it doesn't have its own Goodreads page and on Amazon UK it's showing delivery would take 3-5 weeks, and as Marina mentioned, it is quite expensive.

What I would suggest is that it could be a Non Mental Health Read for the future (say September/October or November/December) if it becomes a little more accessible in price and delivery after it's been out a bit longer. For this window, you are very welcome to make another nomination.

2. Tussila

Firstly, welcome to the group! It's wonderful to have you here and congratulations on your book. While I'm sure there is a lot we could learn from it, for the purposes of a Group Read, we really need to find books which are widely available for purchase (even better if they're in a library!). I couldn't find it on Amazon UK or Amazon US, so unless you can share how we can all access the book, I don't feel that it should be included at this stage. However, like Amy, you are very welcome to suggest another book for nomination.

3. Duncan

Thanks for seconding Mixed Nuts - at this stage all nominated books (with exception to the above points) will go into the poll, whether or not they've been seconded, so it's up to you whether you want to stick with that or nominate your own book.

4. To all authors

Finally, please don't forget that we have Author's Corner as the primary forum for you to promote your work and request feedback. I'm happy to still include the self-nominations that are accessible to the whole group (i.e. widely available and not too expensive).

As I said at the start, I do appreciate that there were no formal guidelines on nominating books, so despite my comments above, I don't perceive anyone to have broken any "rules" or caused any problems. This is only our second Group Reads and it will evolve as we evolve as a group.

To sum up - the list of nominations so far:

Healing Schizoaffective
The Man Who Couldn't Stop
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
MiXED NUTS or What I've Learned Practicing Psychotherapy
Suicide Notes

Nominations remain open until Monday (morning), I look forward to reading the winner!


message 12: by Christian (new)

Christian (rcbleeker) | 17 comments I would like to nominate "Made you up" by Francesca Zappia.
The protagonist is a schizophrenic girl.

message 13: by Duncan (new)

Duncan MacLeod (duncanwritesbooks) | 6 comments 5150 A Transfer is my nomination, now that I understand the rules. Thanks for that, Martha!

message 14: by Tussila (new)

Tussila Spring (tussilaspring) | 3 comments Martha wrote: "Hi all,

Firstly, thanks for all the new nominations, it's great to have more people participating.

Right now, there aren't any official guidelines on who can nominate and which books can be nomin..."

Hello again!
I am sorry if my nomination causes confusion, but I feel that I need to clarify following:
My book is available at Smashwords (where you can set the prize yourself, even free of charge), it also available among others at Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple ibooks where it cost $4.95.
I believed these links were working properly, but I understand they don't.

To get more easily access to my book, please go to my Wordpress blog at:

or visit my website at:

It is of course up to you whether you wish to have Tussila's Book I in your pile of nominees, I just wanted to clarify about the availability!
Thank you,
warmest regards from
Tussila Spring

message 15: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthais) Hi all

No problem at all Tussila, thanks for sharing where we can get hold of your book!

Nominations have now officially closed, I've added Christian, Duncan and Tussila's nominations onto the list and a poll will be coming out shortly.

Thanks for contributing!


message 16: by Tussila (new)

Tussila Spring (tussilaspring) | 3 comments Thanks a lot for allowing my book to participate! It probably is no surprise to you that I am very excited to hear what you get out of my story!

Have a great summer time all of you!
Best from Tussila =)

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