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message 1: by Jack (new)

Jack Yasgar | 5 comments I have a soft science fiction novel that has gone through developmental editing and is ready for line editing. I'd love to have some experienced eyes read through in order to give structured feedback on the plot, characters and overall story milestones. I have a questionnaire prepared for feedback. I'd be happy to reciprocate for Science Fiction story.

Cal Pierson uncovers more than he bargained for during an archeological dig on a remote lake in the middle of Africa. Cal’s single minded goal to prove to his university peers that his theory of human evolution is right and save his career culminates in him and his wife getting embroiled in a 50,000 year old intergalactic murder spree.
In their desperation to figure out how to handle their situation, they awaken a criminal wanted for an uncountable number or murders before he was put in stasis and left for dead. Their nemesis shows that he believes that killing anyone that disagrees with him is a perfectly normal response. When they realize there is no way to escape servitude, they decide to trust someone they meet in a violent trading sector of a rogue planet.
Forced to help in the search for a buyer of information from a long lost civilization, they encounter places and people that threaten their lives time after time. Their new crew mate plows through dangerous situations like a bulldozer, but always seems to come out on top, at least so far.
During this emotional roller coaster, Cal realizes that the only truly important thing in his life is his love for his wife, Judy. The only way they’re going to survive is if they work together.
They hope that they’re only friend in the universe, an inspector appointed by the President of the Federation himself, is still on their heels, but they have no way to know for sure.

Please shoot me a message if you'd have some time for me! I really appreciate your help.


message 2: by Dorothyeross (new)

Dorothyeross | 39 comments Hi Jack,

If you are still looking for a beta reader, I would be interested. Send your manuscript and questions to A pdf is fine, I also have Kindle if that is better for you. I am currently working on a science fiction novel myself. It's not ready for reading yet. If you would be willing to beta read or to write a review in the future, it would be greatly appreciated!


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