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TID: Tessa- Jem- Will.

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message 1: by Swati (last edited Jun 06, 2016 09:27AM) (new)

Swati | 95 comments Yes! She does truly love Jem, and wouldn't marry him out of sympathy or pity.

I think people generally feel her love for Will more because it's pretty intense, whereas her love for Jem is more quiet and steadily develops over time.

Another reason I think we get the feeling that Tessa loves Will more is because she's more aware of her feelings for him because one second he's super nice and the next he's really mean, and he pushes her way and pulls her back in.

And yes, in the book we get the feeling that her heart longs for Will when she's with Jem, but she did say that if she was with Will she would long for Jem, and she didn't want to see either of them hurt.
She also told will that she wouldn't marry Jem out of pity or anything less than love.

I think she loves them both EQUALLY as much...

Sorry for the long post, I'm a die-hard fan and just discussed this exacting with my friend :)

message 2: by Josh (new)

Josh | 22 comments Tessa loves Jem not out of sympathy but because of his personality. He is kind and passionate and has never done anything to hurt Tessa, unlike Will who is constantly pushing her away and being generally cruel to her. I don't think it matters that Jem is sick, Tessa is not Jem's nurse she is a Jem's friend and she loves him.

message 3: by Tina (new)

Tina Kroker | 8 comments Even though im a strong supporter of Wessa im still pretty positive that Tessa loves Jem with all her heart. I think its hard for her to know what she feels when she sees Will and Jem together because she undeniably has feelings for both boys but she would never be with a guy out of pity thats just not her style. Anyway cant wait to see your reaction to the third book though! I think its the best book in the whole series! Enjoy reading it!

message 4: by Swati (last edited Jun 06, 2016 11:08AM) (new)

Swati | 95 comments So much goes down in the third book, its amazing!!
Have you read TMI yet?

message 5: by Swati (new)

Swati | 95 comments I've read all of them, I also read TID first :)

The main character in TMI, Clary, is not as mature as Tessa, and in my opinion not as likeable.

And the writing isn't as good in TMI, though this not to say that the plot isn't good or interesting.
When you read the books you will notice how Cassandra's writing develops and get even better :)
And TID was written after she had already developed... ;)

In my opinion TID is way better, the storyline the characters the LOVE, Everything!

You should still read TMI though, They're great! ;)

message 6: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Hermawan (ashleyhermawan) | 40 comments In my opinion, TMI was AMAZING!!!! Its my fave books of all time (also TID) and its just as good as TID. Clary is a lot less mature but i love her just as much as i do Tessa. I definitely reccomend you to read both

message 7: by Anabell (new)

Anabell (readingislikebreathing) | 98 comments This is such a spoiler for people who haven't read all books (including me) I did not know that Tessa marries Jem. Or that Will posses her heart. Thanks. Don't put some freaking spoilers in the title oh my gosh this can't be that hard. Thanks for spoilering.

message 8: by Anabell (new)

Anabell (readingislikebreathing) | 98 comments Well maybe I skipped it while reading the title but I was very sure that there was no "spoiler warning" that the actual title is a spoiler. It is just annoying that I did not even read a word of the messages in the topic and didn't even open it and still got spoiled because I got a "blabla commented on tessa marries will blabla topic " message on my notifications. A spoiler is a spoiler and I will decide what a big spoiler is for me. And it sounds like Tessa is going to end up with Jem when she marries him, so this is big for me and I hope you understand it. Yeah. I am Team Will and only at the beginning of the second book. But I am glad that you changed the title, thanks. Don't think I am angry, I am definetly not. Just a bit disappointed. Especially of the irony you used, sometimes saying "umm sorry I'll change the title" would be the easiest step and the whole "drama" would be gone.

message 9: by Anabell (last edited Jun 09, 2016 09:40AM) (new)

Anabell (readingislikebreathing) | 98 comments Prerna wrote: "Anabell wrote: "Well maybe I skipped it while reading the title but I was very sure that there was no "spoiler warning" that the actual title is a spoiler. It is just annoying that I did not even r..."

You know what? Let's just put this s*** away and talk about important topics.
Like I still don't now who is marrying who and why but as far as I can say I think she should end up with Will. Jem was always to serious for me. The blonde, pale boy who had concerns about anything (and he also plays violin isn't he? This is so much sadness in a boy and also his fate, such a long list) His illness did not made that better. He is too tragic for me. I thought that maybe he will die in the trilogy, because he would make a "good sacrifice". Will is like the bright, funny, charming man I would rather choose. So Yes, Tess should not marry Jem, because if she has feelings for Will, this will never work and it will end up with broken hearts.

message 10: by Flora (new)

Flora (florareads) I think Jem in utterly in love with her, and wants to move quickly to savour the last fragments of life. I do think Tessa loves him too, but not with undying love like him to her. I think, if he wasn't diseased, she would still date him, but not want to marry him just yet, and would want to take it slow. Also I think she regretted the decision a little so is trying to force and persuade herself to be madly in love with him, because she would hate to break his heart.

message 11: by Stella (new)

Stella Maria (stellamariax3) | 16 comments Oh man I can't wait for you guys to finish it if you love it this much already. Because Clockwork Princess will break you. In the most beautiful, ugly way possible. Even after 3 years of reading countless books, nothing has topped Clockwork Princess and the entire TID series

message 12: by Swati (new)

Swati | 95 comments Prerna wrote: "Oh god, I'm so desperate to finish my current reads and read Clockwork Princess ASAP!! :D"

Haha, you definitely need to!
I'm afraid of spoiling you for the third book if I keep talking about my ships... :P

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