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Reset World (resetyourworld) | 7 comments Hi, I am the author of "Reset Your World With What They Didn't Teach Us " and I'm looking for anyone interested in a review swap. Currently my book is free to download at

But if Amazon is your choice of preference I'm willing to do e-book purchase swaps.

You can send also me a PDF.

My book is a relatable self help philosophical piece written to reach the minds and hearts of many through life observations and experiences.

Looking forward to reviews, thanks!

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Reset World (resetyourworld) | 7 comments Ok great no problem. Will you send a link or a PDF?

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Reset World (resetyourworld) | 7 comments Yeah thats fine. It will give me time to read it

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Reset World (resetyourworld) | 7 comments

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Sofia Santiago (sofiasantiagomba) | 7 comments Hello. I'd like to swap. My book will be out on June 25. It's title is "Difficult Conversations Just for Women: Kill the Anxiety. Get What You Want." My website is and my email is Sofia@TheWikiWomenAcademy.

My ebook will be on sale in Amazon for 99 cents. How can we do an ebook buy swap? I'd need for you to buy it that day. How much is yours?

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Reset World (resetyourworld) | 7 comments Hi sofia, yes im interested my ebook cost 7.99. I dont know if you would still be interested in purchasing but Im definitely interested in a rebiew swap.

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