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J. Core (jdcore) | 8 comments Novella needs revision for inclusion in an anthology.
Cattleya Hoskin has come to live in the large Victorian home owned by Lupa Schwartz in order to chronicle his cases for Gamut Magazine, but Schwartz has turned down every case that’s been offered to him since her arrival. With little else to occupy her time she has become enthralled with a reality game show called Overlord. When one of the contestants who has been sequestered on the program’s compound dies under suspicious circumstances, she sees her opportunity to draw Schwartz into a nationally televised honest-to-goodness mystery.
Overlord is a 28k word locked-door mystery featuring a detective I have previously published in two full length novels. I hope to publish in September and there is one more story in the anthology which will also need betas in the coming months.
If you spot typos or misused words great, but I really want readers who will give me feedback on the flow of the story and how the information is presented.

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Core (jdcore) | 8 comments Thank you, Willow. I have sent you a .doc file, but if you prefer a different format, please let me know.

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