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Sinarth: A dedication to life
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karl levy (karllevy) | 5 comments Mod
Sinarth is about a boy soldier in Siem Reap Cambodia whom fought against the Khmer Rouge throughout the 1980's. he is still alive today and readers of his biography can meet him at the Cambodian War Musuem, Siem Reap

Emma Susanne | 1 comments The question that fascinates me after having read "Sinarth", having travelled "through" the story of his life and experiences and having spent a small amount of time in Cambodia, attempting to understand some of the Khmer Rouge period, is the title: in what way is "Sinarth" a "Dedication to life"? Because I believe it is, and whats more I suggest it is a "peace document", the antithesis of the "war document" or "revolutionary document" that the author sets out to describe the communist manifesto as (and it's outworking as illustrated by the Khmer Rouge)... so the title has returned to my mind and musings many times when pondering the book; a dedication to life.

karl levy (karllevy) | 5 comments Mod
fine point

karl levy (karllevy) | 5 comments Mod
Let me create another board

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