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What about Tommo?

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Irini Spoilers!

I know people are split on the whole Jack or DeMalo issue, but what about Tommo?Am I the only one who feels like Tommo is so sweet and should end up with Saba?
Don't get me wrong, I love Jack! But Tommo just seems so sweet and innocent and I love how he tells her he's constant.
But maybe she doesn't deserve him, considering the way she treats him....

Anyway, what do you guys think? Are you rooting for Tommo or Jack, or even DeMalo?

Samira Saba doesn't deserve Tommo honestly knowing her she would end up being the cause of his death like many of other group members and its seems like Emmi likes Tommo. Tommo is also younger than Saba, so its kinda' weird

Hannah Personally, I'd have to disagree with Samira. I think Tommo doesn't deserve Saba. There is, of course, the age difference, but upon rereading this book (with a cooler head) I found that I really liked Saba. The ending with Tommo watching (I'm assuming it was Tommo) really made me jittery. It sounded like he might be the driving force, the villain, for the next book. But I don't know.
Personally, DeMalo, though, you know, WOW, is kind of really creepy. Obsessed is I the word I'm looking for. Both with Saba and New Eden.
But Jack . . . oh Jack. Saba wants to live a life of adventure and Jack would give it to her. DeMalo could, for a time, but Jack. Well, Jack is just fantastic.
Who knows what the next book will bring . . . I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

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