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Sexual Harassment!?

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Ok, so when Lugh was saved from Freedom Fields in the last book, I thought he seemed fine. However, in this book, there are some hints made as to what happened whilst he was in captivity. For example, he has some issues with showing his love for Maev even though he admits he loves her to Saba. Also, the incident with Meg the prostitute. These make me think that he might've been sexually harassed whilst he was in captivity

So, what do you guys think? Sexual harassment or not?

Hannah Wow, I never really thought of that. I'm rereading the book now and his attitude towards Saba in regards to his rescue and towards Maev in regards to his affection for her were baffling. I mean, I didn't really think about it because I really don't like him, but I think that is a definite possibility!

Samira I think he was...its so sad. After reading this i don't seem to like Saba anymore her character tends to piss me off, especially with the decisions she makes.

Madeleine I thought something similar. Though it makes his possessiveness of Saba a whole lot darker.

Irini You know, I always wondered about that.... Why was he so possessive of her and disapproving of Jack? Surely it can't all be because he felt like Jack 'ruined' their lives, right?

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