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message 1: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Here we are so anything.

message 2: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Maybe we can do sort of an Indiana Jones think. That could have adventure and action plus as element of romance. Or maybe a police officer and a criminal that fall for each other while on the run.

message 3: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Oh yeah that sounds really cool but I think I really like the adventure sort of thing and our two characters can be sort of not always honest to each other because maybe my character cares a little more for the treasure than her.

message 4: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments I think they both should be interested in the treasure. Maybe they run into each other and they are both looking for the treasure but my character lies after yours says what he's doing.

message 5: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Okay then well let's make the characters then. They should include name age and appearance.

message 6: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments That's what I always do.

message 7: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Okay lets get to it then.

message 8: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Mmkay

message 9: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Name: Nathan Drake
Age: 23


message 10: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments

Maxine (Max) Ryder




message 11: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Okay awesome so how do we start off.

message 12: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Ummm I don't know

message 13: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments How about we have them have a sort of one night stand and we take control in the morning where they find out they both had sex already while they were both really drunk.

message 14: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Well then how are they going to find out they are both looking for the treasure?

message 15: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Well one of them snoops around and they find something that they need so they can get to the treasure.

message 16: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Mm okay

message 17: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments So should I start us off or you?

message 18: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments You please.

message 19: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Okay

It was early in the morning the sun was barely shinning into the room but it was enough to wake up Nathan. Nathan blinked his eyes many times and then groaned a bit as he shifted in the bed trying to get up from his slumber. He then rubs his head and realizes that he has a really bad hangover from all the drinking he did last night. Finally Nathan notices that one he is not in his clothes and two he is not in his room. He looks around the room seeing how it was decorated and starts to wonder what happened last night and then he sees that there is another body in the bed and sees it is a blond girl. He starts to feel a bit weird because he has never had a one night stand before because he was never really one to drink to much.

message 20: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max felt shifting in her bed and her eyes flew open. Suddenly she was realizing what exactly she had gotten herself into. Considering she was naked, extremely hungover, and she turned to see a guy in her bed it all fell together pretty quickly. She'd gotten drunk and had sex with a random guy. Joy. "Ummm hello?" she said in a groggy voice. She didn't know how this worked. She didn't do this sort of thing. She didn't bother to cover up or try to hide as she stood. She figured he'd seen her naked once it didn't really matter at this point. She grabbed a robe and pulled it over her shoulders. "I don't know who you are but it'd be nice if you leave," she muttered and walked out of the room with her head in her hand.

message 21: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Nathan then noticed that she was already moving as well and turns to look at her and sees her naked. At first he was shocked but figures that he has already seen her naked and that they had nothing left to hid about their bodies. He was about to say something but then she just decides to do all the talking and all he gets out is "Hello." as she is walking out of her room. He starts to think about how this is her room and that she doesn't need to leave. He doesn't know what to do and sits in her bed thinking about what to do. He then gets up after a while and puts on his clothes so he is not naked anymore. He looks around her room but then walks out to where she had gone and says "Hey there... um sorry that I am still here but this sort of thing has never happened to me before so um... yeah."

message 22: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max raised a brow at his comment as she started making a pot of coffee. She pulled pain killers out of a drawer and popped some in her mouth then took a sip of water to make them go down. The robe was now tied over her body and she turned to him. "I don't either. I'm not quite sure what to do now but I'm pretty sure you were supposed to slip out before I woke up and left a nice little note saying you had fun but not leaving a number. Isn't that how this is supposed to work?" she questioned.

message 23: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Nathan chuckles a bit at her comment and then says "Well yeah... Why did you like want something like that." He is starting to feel a bit awkward that she is a bit nonchalant about what just happened between them. He then looks to her eyes and says "Well maybe we can try and talk for a bit and just get to know each other. I mean I don't want this to really be like any other sort of one night stand. Plus I notice you are into some cool stuff judging by your room. Like... um.... well you like to sleep on a bed for starts."

message 24: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max laughed. "My my you're an awkward specimen. Yes I sleep on a bed. Congrats you know my deepest darkest secret," she scoffed. When the coffee was ready she poured herself a cup and sipped it then gulped it. "Why are you so interested in me? This would be a lot less awkward if you would have slipped out at five in the morning but alright. You want to make this more awkward? Okay let's do just that and talk. What's your name anyway?" she questioned.

message 25: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Tim then laughs a bit and then he says "Yeah that would be a good to know my name. Well my name is Nathan, Nathan Drake." He then looks to her coffee and then to her face and says "Well what makes me so interested into you was that I guess maybe we had some connection when we were drunk and I just guess I want to find that." He then looks around the room and sees a seat and says "Um do you mind If we sit for this."

message 26: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max sighed, "no I don't mind. Do you want coffee? And I'm sure if you have a headache as big as mine you want Tylenol too." The name Nathan Drake sounded familiar to her, she wondered why. "Oh and I'm Max. Max Ryder," she said as he had. She ran a hand through her blonde hair and looked him over. She couldn't remember how they had gotten together but drunk her had done a good job at picking him out of everyone.

message 27: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He chuckles a bit when she says he needs Tylenol as well and then he nods and says "Yeah thanks for offering." He then walked over to the chair and sits down looking at her and then says "Max is a good name." HE then looks up into the air and then says "So maybe that is what my drunk self liked in you. He probably liked how cute you are and your name."

message 28: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max laughed. She tossed the bottle of Tylenol to him and grabbed another mug from the cabinet. After pouring a cup for him she set it down in front of him then grabbed milk and sugar then put that in front of him as well. "Really now? And what does sober you think?" she questioned, sitting in front of him and putting her legs on the table.

message 29: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He grabs the tylenol that she tossed him perfectly and then opens it and drinks a fair amount to work of the hangover he has. He then closes it and puts it on the table. When Max put the coffee on the table he was about to say that he doesn't want any but she had already got him everything he needed so he just decided to say "Thank you." He then starts to put the milk and sugar into his cup and says "Well I think that you are really cute and also..." He then looks up to her and sees how she is sitting "Very forward about who you are."

message 30: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments "I'll take both as a compliment," Max replied with a small smile. "Have you had enough talking?" she questioned. She wanted to shower and start getting her day going but she couldn't do that with Nathan around. Not that she really minded that much. But she had her eyes on a new treasure and she wanted to get her hands on it first.

message 31: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He smiled back at her and the took a small sip of the coffee he had before him. He then looks up to her and bits his lip a bit and then says "So what do you think about me then." He then looks up and then continues on "Because I don't know this kinda seems one sided to me that I like you." He then looks her in the eyes and says "Is it one sided?"

message 32: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max shrugged, "you're cute." She let her feet drop and sat up. "I can't contest to anything more than that though," she winked. She stood and went back to the kitchen, putting her mug in the sink then coming back and taking the milk and sugar from him.

message 33: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He laughs a bit and then says "Well that's really great to know." He then gets up as well and then puts the coffee mug in the sink as well and starts to wash the both of them. "The least I can do for you." While he was cleaning he saw a map to a location but it was hard for him to tell where it was heading to. Maybe he should ask her what it is for but there was always the chance she might just brush it off. He then quickly while she wasn't looking takes a picture of the map and then gets back to cleaning. He then says "All done here so um..." he turns to look at her "so you maybe want to exchange numbers and we can hang out some other time."

message 34: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments "Is that a joke?" Max asked. She was amused. She didn't think this was going to amount to much. When she woke up she was naked with a stranger and now she had someone asking for her number? She found the encounter odd.

message 35: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He sighs and then says "Well no it isn't a joke but if you don't want to take this seriously then we can just act like this never happened." He then goes over to a piece of paper and grabs a nearby pen and then starts to write down something onto the paper. He then folds up the paper and then turns back to her and says "Only if you want to hang out or just talk then I guess." He then proceeds to walk for the exit.

message 36: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max was silent for a moment. "It's not that I'm not taking this seriously. This doesn't happen to me. I don't have random sex. I don't even have relationships. Guys don't give me their numbers. I'm not the kind of girl this stuff happens to," she commented as he walked away.

message 37: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He then stops when he hears her talking to him and starts to take in all that she is saying to him. He then turns around to her and then looks at her analyzing her a bit and then sighs a bit. He was feeling bad because she was probably a girl who knew what she wanted and didn't need any distractions and then he came and messed all that up for her. He then looks up and rubs the back of his head and says "So..." He then looks down to her "I am sorry for being a bit rude it is just I don't know I just want to have a relationship without it being focused on sex and you kinda seem like that. Look if you don't want to call me don't okay but if you really want to try this then call me okay." He then just stands there looking at her for a while and then after a few moments he walks over to her and gives her a hug and says "See you later." He lets go of her and then walks away from the room to the streets.

message 38: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments ((Hey))

message 39: by ✯ Nikki ✯ (new)

✯ Nikki ✯ | 3524 comments Max was quiet as she watched him leave. She didn't have anything to say. So she put the number on her fridge and went to the bathroom to shower. She had too much on her plate for a date. She had a treasure to find and couldn't afford any distractions. Especially not the tote of distraction this Nathan character was. When she was out of the shower she changed into army green skinny jeans and an off white tank top. She had to go out and get supplies before she started on her trip the following day.

message 40: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Nathan walked back home and was thinking about why he wanted to stay with the girl so badly. the first thought in his mind was that maybe he really did like her and wanted to hold onto her for as long as he could, the next thought was maybe he just needed something new in his life than this crazy treasure hunting business, and lastly he thought that maybe he just wanted a way out from it all. He then shook his head and says to himself "The time I give up on being a treasure hunter will be the day that I become officially boring." He then made it to his house and decided to take a shower. He thought long and hard about the girl in the shower and what she was doing with a treasure map. He just shook it off and decided that tomorrow he would go to check it out to see if anything is in that direction the map was pointing. He got changed into his Blue jeans and white shirt and went to bed ready for tomorrow.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments ((hey))

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