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Soul Mates and Marriage
Kate Allan Kate Jun 05, 2016 11:05PM
Okay, first of all. This series was amazing. I'm not sure I've ever rated an entire series five stars. I couldn't put it down!

There's one thing that got to me though -- the concept of soul mates. As much as I loved the romance between Rain and Ellie, I couldn't help but feel the "soul mate" concept cheapened all the other relationships in the series.

I understand it was common for fey to marry people who weren't their soul mates, but I can't wrap my head around someone being fully committed to someone else when they knew their soul's other half was still out there somewhere.

Also, it kinda sucks that as much as Rain loved his first wife, just being in the presence of Ellie is somehow so much more "right" for him. I don't know. That kinds seems wrong to me. Am I thinking too much into this?

What did you think about the soul mate concept in this series? Do you feel the other marriages and relationships were as legit as Rain/Ellie's, though they weren't soul mates?

I know what you mean. I felt that it kind and of cheapened the other relationships too.

However, knowing that the majority didn't ever find their true mate, or whatever they were called helped . Also, that if they were already in love with someone, that they wouldn't be able to true mate with someone else - I would have hated that. In the end, they were really happy and in love, regardless if they were true mated or not.

It just didn't make sense to me that the only way to aleave their pain from taking lives and eventually becoming insane was through a true mate. That doesn't seem fair.

Kate Allan Yes, I totally agree! It doesn't seem fair at all. ...more
Jun 06, 2016 11:17PM

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