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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Hist Fiction/Romance:3 generations of women fr the late 1800’s into the yrs after WWII in the USA. The Joshua Tree. Daughter was bank robber,married a Japanese man. Granddaughter Jade was a lawyer after Japanese internment camp.

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Mudpie | 6 comments Helping a fellow book club member find a book she read probably in the 1980s/early 90s:

It covered three generations of women, mother to daughter, ranging from the late 1800’s into the years after WW II in the United States. I don’t recall much about the first woman’s (grandmother) story.
I believe her daughter grows up the ward or something with the family of the man she eventually grew to resent. Like I said, it was long ago, but I believe she eventually robs his bank or something for revenge, but in the execution of the crime is wounded. She is found barely alive in the desert by the hero (of this section of the story anyway) of Japanese descent. He nurses her back to health and works with her to come to peace and take responsibility for what she did. She confesses her crime and goes to jail, leaving him to raise their daughter while she does her sentence. She is eventually released, but dies soon after being in frail health from years of prison life.
The daughter grows up with her father, completely aware of her mother’s past with the family that pretty much owns the town she grew up in. She works her way through law school and has multiple interactions with the son(the hero this time around) of that family throughout that time…then she and her father are to sent a Japanese Internment camp for the duration of the war. I believe her father dies while they are there or shortly after their release, and the hero kind of watches over her as best as he can from outside.
Once the war is over and she is released, she begins her law practice and he actively pursues her in the midst of her trying to sort out her feelings about the past that got them there, her parents relationship, and the mother she never really knew. For some reason, I keep thinking the portion of the book that told her mother and father’s story was titled “The Joshua Tree”. Of course searching on that does me no good because it wasn’t the name of the book.
Any help here would be deeply appreciated!

More of plot remembered:

1) There was one scene I sort of remember in the second generation’s story, between the H & h. It’s pretty early when she’s under his care. He insists she shower after he bathes her in the tub. Because tub bathing is pretty much just sitting in your own dirt and how Western minds think they can possibly be clean after doing that is just not a very well thought out concept. I remember it being both a humorous and *aha* moment in the book.

2) This time it was about the Internment Camp. During WWII stadiums throughout the country were used for these purposes. There was one moment in the book where the heroine contrasts her experience being there as an spectator for an event with the reality that this place also served as her prison. It was another weighty moment.

3) Story set in CA. I believe the daughter was named Jade.

The author was a woman. I'm certain it wasn't a Harlequin/Barbara Taylor Bradford/Rosamunde Pilcher.

I do recall there wasn't a hint of the Japanese element in the back of the book blurb or the title.

Edit 2016-11-11: this is not a Herman Wouk / Rosamunde Pilcher / Barbara Taylor Bradford book.

message 2: by Mudpie (new)

Mudpie | 6 comments Hoping someone can help identify this book! I would love to read this...

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Kris | 35167 comments Mod
Please note the bump period for this large group is 30+ days - or sooner if you remember more information.

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Diana | 1 comments I too have been looking,for this book. I read it in the early 80's and it was a favorite. I hope someone can remember the name.

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Mudpie | 6 comments Hoping someone can remember this book.

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Mudpie | 6 comments Bump

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Lobstergirl | 39296 comments Mod
Mudpie, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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Mudpie | 6 comments still searching

message 10: by Mudpie (new)

Mudpie | 6 comments Deep Purple might have a chance! Awaiting confirmation

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Kris | 35167 comments Mod
Google Books has a snippet search of Deep Purple by Parris Afton Bonds:


You can search for keywords such as: Joshua tree, Japanese, internment, desert, robber, wound, etc.

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