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The City of Wizards (The Averot'h Saga, #1)
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BUDDY READ:Paranormal/Fantasy > The City of Wizards (Averot'h Saga #1) by George Mazurek - Starting June 9, 2016

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Drishti (drishti_ohri) | 1090 comments When a young boy Syrdan arrives to a mythical city of Averot’h, everything seems perfect. Both humans and wizards live here in peace and harmony, four Spires shine brightly high in the skies, wizards cruise the air on their tephirs and an Arena, a place of a magic tournament, is just amazing…

But within the City of Mages, something is badly wrong. What was meant to be a brief trip turns into a battle to save his brother, his new love and his own life from the most powerful of mages…

An entertaining young adult novella from a unique fantasy world is just the first book of the Averot’h saga.

Join me and Cinthia! :)

Drishti (drishti_ohri) | 1090 comments Chapter 2: (view spoiler)

Drishti (drishti_ohri) | 1090 comments Intermezzo: (view spoiler)

Drishti (drishti_ohri) | 1090 comments Chapter 7: (view spoiler)

Drishti (drishti_ohri) | 1090 comments Ending thoughts: (view spoiler)

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