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message 1: by John (new)

John Khoury | 3 comments I’ve just completed my first book. It’s a “look at life through the eyes of evolution”. Two years into this and only a few people have actually read it, so I’m damn curious as to what others think. I’m looking for a few good beta readers – whom, I’m so sorry to say, I cannot financially compensate.

Here’s the back cover copy to let you know what it’s all about:
Quanology makes sense out of a confusing world. Why do we have wars? Why do bad things happen to good people? Confusing stuff like that. The answer is evolution - the same process that made all life on the planet continues to reign over human life today. It is the hidden undercurrent of our modern lives.

Who cares about that? I want to be rich and happy!

Exactly. Quanology will also clarify what is important in life. Do we really all want to be rich and happy, or are there other things that evolution wants for us? Quanology is dedicated to studying a good life and concludes that we should all do what nature wants us to do. There is a rewards systems built into life, and doing what nature wants will give us the best life possible.

Don’t expect it to be simple or politically correct - expect some unsettling and surprising looks at the world and our very own nature. That nature is a stream you can float down or struggle trying to swim against. The promise is this: understand the world as evolution created it and you’ll make a deeper connection with the world and embrace a new level of calm and confidence – an evolutionary step in the right direction!

Just in case anyone is bothered by such things, there is some foul language in the book. If you’re fervently religious, you might not like it either. Otherwise, the book is a real delight.

So, I would be most incredibly grateful for your time and attention. It’s 126K words and pretty dense, but hopefully a lot of fun. If you hate it after 20 pages, then feel free to stop there and let me know. If you read it, and give me feedback, I'll make you a star by putting you in the special thanks section. Right under Jesus and right above my fourth grade teacher who "believed in me".

So, how do we do this? My email is johnk – at – quanology daht org (I hate it when people write their email address like that too). Shoot me a mail and let me know if and why you’re interested and I’ll send you the PDF.


message 2: by John (new)

John Khoury | 3 comments no takers? Should I have made the subject "erotic nonfiction"?

message 3: by Gyikhu (new)

Gyikhu | 16 comments Hehe, John. Don't worry, I had no luck with romance either.

message 4: by John (new)

John Khoury | 3 comments "romantic novel", I'm sure you mean ;-)

message 5: by Gyikhu (new)

Gyikhu | 16 comments Yes, I do :)

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