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Anaelle Rose LaRue
Head Librarian

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Rose's eyes flashed with anger. "Fuck off," she whispered. She then started walking again, head held high. She had to fight not to shiver under his gaze - she had no doubt he was watching her still; she'd seen his attempt to not look at her bust. He'd done surprisingly well at that. If he followed her, she'd burn his ass. And the rest of him, naturally.

She walked purposefully towards the back of the library, assuming the offices would be there somewhere. She took the key that had been mailed to her out of her pocket and used it to unlock the room labeled 'Head Librarian'. She went inside, closing the door behind herself. She left the light off - and the door unlocked - and went to sit behind the desk. Then she let herself shake as she'd wanted to. She hoped no one followed her in here. Not even Cali, not after all she'd just seen and heard. She put her elbows on the desk and dropped her head into her hands. This was not good. Not remotely good. Why was he here? Surely he wasn't a student. Maybe he was a professor. So long as he didn't work here in the library, she could avoid him.

If they had to work together... Well, she wasn't sure how long she'd be able to resist asking him to bite her again. And maybe more than just bite her. Probably more.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco loudly walked in, making sure she would hear his footsteps, and casually sat on the desk, waited a moment before he said.
"i'm sorry if i've made you uncomfortable, that was not my intentions. i truly never thought i'd see you again." he chuckled a humorless chuckle, "i dreamt that night went differently, that i reined myself in, or that i'd meet your departing soul so i could apologize for my inexcusable actions. i know my words don't mean much but i am truly sorry for any and all hardships you have suffered because of that night." then he sat there with his head down, a vulnerable position that he hoped showed that he would take any punishment she wished to enact upon him.

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Rose bit her lip when she heard someone open the door. The loud footsteps - and hint of dragon scent - told her all she needed to know. He had followed her in here. She listened silently as he spoke, not looking up until he finished. She blinked a bit at his posture. Was he truly sorry for what he'd done? It seemed so.

"I wish you had been able to rein yourself in. I had a child, a son. He was just five then. I couldn't leave him, so I went back to him. I had to leave in the dead of night almost ten years later; I no longer aged at all. I've moved around a lot since then. I had hoped to never see you again." She laughed humorlessly. After a brief pause, she decided to just go ahead and tell him the rest. Well, maybe not all of it. Her desire for him - even after he killed her - was something she tried to forget. Something she tried not to ever even think about.

"I too dreamed that night went differently. That you hadn't drained me. That, instead, you had followed me home. That you drained my good-for-nothing drunk of a husband instead of me." She smiled a little. "That you then took his place," she whispered. Maybe then she would have had more than the one child. If she could have had more children. She'd been pretty sure she couldn't have any more children as she'd never gotten pregnant again after her son was born. At least, she didn't think she'd ever gotten pregnant after that. But she wouldn't know, would she? Her husband could have beat it out of her before she even knew it was there. The bastard. Things would have been very different had this man not killed her that night. Had he been more interested in having sex with her than in killing her.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco closed his eyes and fought the urge to be sick at what she said. he never wanted to cause her the pain she had went through, though he knew that what he had originally intended wouldn't have been better.

"does any of your descendents still live?" he asked her, looking up and staring at her nose. he couldn't look into her eyes, dispite what he wanted. he had taken her life but he would not take her privacy, not until she forced it upon him would he look into her eyes.

((perhaps she does force him to look in her eyes? or asks him why he won't look into her eyes?))

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"Yes, a few. One of them has gone through some... concerning developments recently. He is why I applied for a position here. I never expected to be offered Head Librarian." She sighed softly and looked over at him. Well at least he's not staring at my breasts.

"Why will you not look me in the eyes? Though I suppose I should thank you for not talking to my breasts, for at least having the decency to speak to my face."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco sighed. "i have the blessing and curse of knowing everything about a being if i hold their gaze long enough, the side effect is that those is do it with also see everything about me. it is a very intimate and personal thing, privacy is lost and.....some have gone mad when they see what i have witnessed over my long life." he briefly looked into her eyes, felt the pull of the Sight, then looked away shivering with the suppressed urge to gaze into her eyes. he would rather not let her see all that he had witnessed through his ten thousand years of life.

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Rose saw a couple of odd images she couldn't explain when he looked into her eyes for that brief moment. From what he said, she shouldn't have seen anything, but she had. Maybe it had to do with him having drunk her blood before? Either way, it was an unsettling experience.

"Wow. That's quite a... an ability. Maybe more curse than blessing?" After a couple seconds' pause, she spoke again. "I saw something when you looked into my eyes," she said, voice soft. "I think it was your family. Maybe. It was gone too soon to really tell much." She shrugged, the action making her breasts bounce a little. Maybe she should have worn that bloody corset; she wouldn't have that problem. Though she would have a different one: corsets tend to make her look more endowed than normal, making it even harder for others to look her in the eyes.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco glimpsed the sight and quickly looked back up to her cheek, it took all his will power to stamp down the desire not only to look but to touch. after a moment he finally had control of himself and replied. "pray that you never learn of my life. it is one of my greatest regrets in life that i allowed them to do as they had done. yes it is more of a curse, especaially combined with my ability to perfectly recall everything. however i have met truly amazing beings and my ability is then a great blessing, i have no wish to forget them nor the beauty that has since faded from the world." he felt himself slip into one of his older memories and sighed, "i wish you could have seen the Great Glaciers of old. they were a sight, blue and regal in the afternoon sun in summer." he shook his head and smiled at her, "but that was over nine thousand years ago, much was beautiful then that has been lost through time. so what is the name of your descendent here? perhaps i have heard of them."

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Rose wasn't surprised when his eyes drifted down to her bouncing breasts. She was impressed by his quick recovery though. Maybe she was imagining it, but the room was starting to smell... interesting. A little arousing even. He wants me. Holy shit. He actually wants me? Why could he have not wanted me all those years ago? Damned man.

She listened as he spoke, a far away look in her eyes. Huh. Wonder why he would want me to see something like that. Sounds like something you would want to share with a loved one... Seriously? That is twisted. And I'm sure I'm wrong, just making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Still though, makes you wonder. Makes me wonder at least.

"I'll be damned. You want me," she said after a few seconds of silence. It hadn't been a question; she could smell his desire plain as day. She always knew when someone wanted her. Some days, she'd rather not have the knowledge. Some seriously creepy men - and a few creepy-as-all-hell women - wanted her. And all because of her breasts. Almost all anyway. Him, she wasn't sure. Though he was easily distracted by them.

But he could just want her blood. She was never quite certain with the vampiric races. The two lusts, blood lust and sexual lust, were often so intertwined with them. Even they didn't always know the difference. She'd fed both lusts simultaneously for more than one vampire over the years. Those had been some of the most satisfying experiences of her life too. So, maybe... No. Not with him. Never with him. Not even the best sex of her almost eight hundred years of life would make amends for killing her.

And yet, she was tempted by the idea. Far too tempted.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco was surprised he jumped and promptly fell off the desk. surpressing one of his most used curses he stared right into her eyes, only remembering at the last moment to jerk them away.

"yes i want you." feeling an urge to be completely honest he continued. "i've wanted since i first saw you. so much so i started to believe the legends i was told about my kind. that day i drained you i meant to change you inro my mate but i had never turned anything before and didn't yet have the knowledge to do so. then to top it all off i was stabbed and burned, something i'm not used to to be honest, then i paniced and ran before i could begin the change." Draco immediately clamped his mouth shut and looked away from her, shame and guilt warring inside him.

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Rose's jaw dropped as he spoke. This is insane. I know shouldn't trust him, but... I'm pretty sure he's being honest. Why, though, I've no idea. But since he was being honest, she would be too. Just as honest, just as soul-baring.

"You... If only you'd said something," she whispered. His mate? That's just... just wow. To be held by those strong arms every night... Damn. "I was married back then. But he was a useless drunk. So I would have willingly left him. So long as I could have taken my son with me."

She sighed and looked over at him, only to see him looking the other way. "Instead of just attacking me, you should have said something. I would never have stabbed you had I known you weren't trying to kill me." She gave a short, humorless laugh. "Damn. We make quite a pair, huh? So many wasted years..." Years they could have spent together.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco grinned and looked up a bit.

"what could i have said? 'hi i'm a blood drinking dragon and i want to drain you dry then feed you more blood and make you my mate.' no" he shook his head regretfully,

"you weren't ready and you're human mind wasn't up to the shock the knowledge would have done. i had to attack in order for the ritual to work, i actually starved myself so that i could do the ritual properly. and are the years really wasted? to my kind years mean nothing, centuries barely mean much to us, less so to me. i waited ten thousand years for you, i expected to wait ten thousand more instead of the thousand i did." he looked up a little higher,

"so now what will we do? for me i can't have any other even if i wished, and believe me i don't." he gracefully stood up and sat back on the desk, this time he found himself almost transfixed on her throat but jerked his eyes up to her cheek before he gave into temptation too quickly.

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She laughed - actually laughed - at his would-be explanation. He made a good point. She would have thought him insane. And, yes, at just 24, she doubted she would have been ready for whatever knowledge the transformation would have bestowed upon her. She wasn't entirely sure she would be ready for it now at almost 800.

"Ten thousand years?" she whispered, amazed.

"I... I don't know. I want to tell you to get out of my sight and never speak to me again." She paused to take a deep breath. "But at the same time, I want to... well, I want to jump you. I want to beg you to bite me again. Bite me and... and... and make love to me." She hadn't hesitated over the topic, but how to phrase it. Ten minutes ago, she wouldn't have said it that way. She would have been cruder.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco groaned and bit his cheek, tasting his blood for a moment before it healed. before he could think otherwise he quickly picked her up and placed her bottom on the desk with him stand in front of her.

"i have not fed in several weeks Rose, do not tempt me enless you mean it." then he carefully, gently, caressed her cheek with his hand. "you must be certain you want it before saying such a thing to the likes of me, tell me you want this or tell me you don't." desire was now filling his voice, making it husky and rough. the only thing not showing his desire was his body, his lack of feeding kept it from responding.

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Rose gasped softly as he picked her up like she weighed nothing and sat her on her desk. She looked up at him as he began to speak. She nodded in understanding as he spoke, the rough, husky tone of his voice arousing her body as effectively as any foreplay.

She sat there silently for several minutes, thinking. She finally made a tiny motion with her hand and the lock on the door clicked into place. She leaned back, propping herself up on her elbows and leaning her head back to expose the long, pale line of her neck.

"Touch me," she whispered, giving him a sultry smile. "Touch me and turn me on. Bite me, drink of me. Then make me yours." She reached for the skirt of her dress and lifted it to her thighs, almost showing off everything. Then her legs parted and wrapped around his to pull him closer. "I want this," she murmured, her voice now husky.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments without a second thought he revealed his massive fangs. with a moan he gently bite down on the spot between her shoulder and neck, the instant her blood hit his system his body responded to her warmth with a instensity that startled him. he stopped however to give her a quick kiss on the lips before nibbling his way down her throat. he explored her legs with his hands and groaned when he found her firm bottom with both his hands.

"by the Dark God you're killing me woman!" then he bite her again in the same spot, not quite as gently this time.

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Fear blossomed in Rose's chest at the sight of those huge fangs of his. Then he bit her and his venom went to work, heating her blood and arousing her. She whimpered as his fangs left her skin, but smiled against his kiss. Those teasing little bites down the column of her throat made her shiver and moan in anticipation. His hands - so large and strong - felt so good, so right, as the caressed her legs. She gasped as he cupped her bottom, shuddered at his oath.

Her eyes slid closed as she watched those fangs coming back to her neck. This hard bite was even more arousing than the first, gentle one had been. She wrapped one arm around his neck, then the other. Her legs moved up his to wrap around his waist, her body plastering itself to his. She'd dreamed of this many times. So many times. Just like that night almost eight hundred years ago, intense pleasure spreads through her body like wildfire, igniting every nerve ending, multiplying the pleasure of the simplest, lightest touch until a raging inferno of need engulfed her entire body, her entire being.

"Please," she whispered, not entirely sure what she asked for, just that only he could give her what she wanted, what she needed in that moment.

((Well. I think we both know where this is going... You want to do the honors or shall I?))

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments ((ladies first))

with a growl his hands ripped some small scrap of cloth off from beneath her dress. he tossed it away as he removed himself from her neck. forcing a slight change to his finger tip he made a slight wound on the spot between his shoulder and neck, the same spot where he had bitten her twice already.

"take my blood and become mine, and i will take you while you do so." his voice was rougher, huskier than any human voice could possibly be. the thought of her drinking his potent blood was so erotic to him he had to get his pants and shirt off, afraid he'd combust and lose one of his few outfits and have to stay in dragon form until he got more.

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Rose moaned, grinding her hips against his as he drank from her. She barely noticed when he ripped off her underwear, at least until a chill breeze hit her while he was setting her back on the desk. She whimpered with need as his fangs left her skin, but then he cut himself open. She grinned, knowing what was to come, even before he spoke and undressed himself. She went back into his arms eagerly, more than ready for him. As she began to drink his blood, she felt his body meet hers, fuse with hers. She cried out in pleasure before wrapping her lips around his small wound to drink of him.

Some time later...

Rose lay across her desk, Draco draped over her, her arms and legs still wrapped around him. She smiled and kissed him, gentle and brief. "That was... wow. So much better than I'd ever imagined." She didn't feel any different. But she didn't know what the conversion he'd spoken of was supposed to do to her anyway. Or if it would even work with her being a phoenix now.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "i'd agree but i never imagined this until now and have nothing to compare it to." he nuzzled the spot where he had repeatedly bitten her then gently bit the spot before licking it. when a grin he lifted her up into his arms. he quickly took sat down where she had been sitting and sat her in his laps.

"now it will be a little bit before i can go again and i'm guessing you're curious about some stuff. first of all my blood won't effect you much but there are benefits. for one you can stare int my eyes without going completely insane. you won't turn into a vampiric dragon until you die and even then you'll have to be at least a thousand years old. and when i say die i mean you'll literally die, you'll then be revived by the blood. thankfully i'm an ancient, the process will be only mildly irritating instead of the agony it is for others. now comes something that might shock you a hint. you see vampiric dragons are born sterile, it takes a ritual to allow us to have children. you'll be revived sterile as regular vampiric dragons are and stay sterile until the fertility ritual is performed. i would have mentioned it earlier but i was distracted by this amazingly sexy woman." he grinned at her with a slightly wicked gleam in his eyes.

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Have nothing to compare it to? Does that mean he... Surely not, surely he would have been with a woman before now, as long as he has been alive. Wouldn't he? I honestly don't know; I've no idea how he thinks, not really. She came out of her reverie when he picked her up, once again, as if she weighed nothing. She moaned softly as she was sat in his lap, loving the feel of his body against hers.

She smiled when he said she would be able to look into his eyes without going insane, and immediately did so. She was about to ask how her being revived by his blood would work if she was revived by the phoenix soul in her at death, but then he said that bit about sterility, and made her blush lightly as he called her 'amazingly sexy'. "So, does that mean you are sterile?" She knew being sterile didn't mean not being able to have sex, merely not being able to have children. So if he wasn't sterile, might she be able to conceive after all these years? Was she even still fertile? She couldn't be entirely sure as her systems had been out of whack since her resurrection, making her womanly courses highly irregular. They had disappeared altogether for years, more than once, only to come back at some later time. And this time, for the first time since her conversion, she hadn't been careful, had taken no precautions before being intimate with him. Of course, she hadn't planned on being intimate with him, or with anyone, this night. Still, she normally carried at least one condom with her. In her purse. But she'd left her purse in her car.

Yet, she had no regrets. She wanted another child. Loved the idea of it being his child.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "no i'm fertile. there are several variations of the ritual i mentioned, one of them a parent performs on their children. it itched like crazy for several months." he steadily stroked her back, amazed he was finlly holding the woman that had obssessed his mind for centuries.

"i meant what i said, even though i have only the experieces of others to compare it to. so you don't seem all that worried about having a child with me." a grin split his face and he chuckled as the thought came to him.

"our children are going to be trouble. oh thats right something else i should mention. though we are born sterile the ritual works extremely well, so well that the minimum offspring we have is at least three at a time and its not unheard of for seven or more to be born at the same time. i myself have six old brothers, all born only minutes or hours ahead of me." at the mention of his brothers his face twisted to something he knew could make berserkers run for their mamas, though he quickly changed his expression he was briefly worried he might have scared her off with his primal, savage expression.

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Rose's eye grew wide as he spoke of the number of children normally had by his race. Oh my. Wow. She noticed his change in expression, her heart starting to race in the natural fight-or-flight response, but from what she'd glimpsed earlier - and what he said in response - she knew he was thinking of his brothers. Or possibly just his family in general.

"Well. I guess it's a good thing I'm still mostly human genetically, so I'm less likely to have multiple babies. Though twins do run in my family, so that's a possibility. Three or more is much less likely, at least while I remain what I am now." What she didn't mention was just how terrifying she found the idea of having five or six - or more - children at once. At least she shouldn't have to worry about that for a bit more than two hundred years.

"I'm also curious about how the conversion will work with my phoenix blood. Right now, if I were to die, I would be reborn as I am within seconds by first bursting into flame then being remade from the ashes of my own burned body. How is that going to interfere with the conversion? Any idea? Or we just have to find out when it happens?"

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "you're phoenix blood will mix with the dragon blood, in fact it already is. also never say anything about you're dying with me nearby, i really don't like that." evidence of which made clear by his highly tense body. "you're not the first one to be made into a vampiric dragon, not even the first phoenix either. he had a harder time of it than you will though, males find the conversion harder than females do though no one is sure why. you won't have seven children at once no matter how much blood i give you, hybrids like you will be produce less children per pregnancy than full bloods but the children are much stronger and aren't nearly as violent as full blooded vampiric dragons." his eyes gleamed at the mention of their children and his body was starting to respond to her.

"vampiric dragons don't sleep like humans do, we tend to take a cat nap every week or so. i've heard some phoenix don't sleep much either, are you one of those?"

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Rose fought hard not to laugh when he asked her not to talk about her own death. He'd been the one to kill her the first time! Only the tenseness in his posture kept her from letting herself laugh like she wanted to. He would be hearing about that... at some point. He'd started to talk about other things, specifically her conversion, which distracted her quite a bit. Then he talked about children. She could feel his body awakening at the thought, which was causing her body to respond in kind. They would never get anything done if they kept going like this.

His question about sleep made her blink up at him, almost as if confused. The feel of his body under her rear had her more than a little distracted. "Sort of," she said after a few seconds, once the question actually filtered through to her brain. "I sleep less as the years go on. When I first changed, I slept the same as a human. A hundred years ago, I slept about four hours a night. Now I'm down to about three to three and a half hours of sleep a night."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "hmmm too bad. i had this thought of dragging you to my lair and having my wicked way with you for a few days straight." he lightly bit her neck but not hard enough to break the skin. he growled a purr when he saw the slightest flush of her body responding.

"are you getting aroused hon? want me to satisfy that hunger?" his voice was a rumbling purr, his accent was so thick he was surprised he wasn't booming the words in Draconic. he kissed her until they both needed to come up for air.

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Her body heated at his words. Damn him! She'd been ready to lecture him, now she just wanted to jump him. Again. She smirked at his question, getting up from his lap just long enough to turn to face him. She pulled her skirt up to her thighs and climbed back into the chair so that she was straddling him.

"What do you think?" she whispered against his lips before kissing him hungrily.

((Your turn to do the skip.))

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco growled as he nibbled his way down her throat to where he had first bitten her. he licked the spot repeatedly until she was moaning and begging for him to bite her. with a groan/growl of need he bit her and gave in to the need.

a while later...

Draco winced as he looked at the spot where he had bitten her. "sorry for biting so hard love, i forgot my strength." the bite had a slight bruise around it and though it wasn't much it made his insides twist with guilt at his lack of control. other than the bruise though nothing seemed damaged.

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Rose chuckled. "It's alright, love. I'm fine. I heal fast anyway," she said with a shrug. "Besides, I thoroughly enjoyed that. As you well know." She'd made enough noise; half the library knew how much she'd enjoyed that! She hadn't been quite that loud the first time they'd made love.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco grinned a little and kissed her. he felt his hands roaming her body just as a familiar voice spoke.

"hate to interrupt play time but i need to say something real quick then i'll go." Draco gave a smirking Mirak a blood-curdling snarl, which only further amused the ancient hybrid. "see i knew Rose has been alive all along but i haven't been able to tell you. couldn't let you see her again until you were ready." it took a moment for Draco to comprehend what Mirak was saying and then the only thing stopping him from shifting and devouring the hybrid was Rose sitting in his lap.

Mirak stilled when Draco slowly lifted Rose up, stood from the chair, then carefully placed the woman in the chair. in a blur of motion the humanoid Draco was replaced by a giant pissed off vampiric dragon.

"YOU SELFISH ASH-BREATHING MONGREL! YOU KNEW SHE WAS ALIVE AND KEPT IT FROM ME?" Draco picked up Mirak in his claws and roared at him. Mirak applied just enough strength to keep Draco from crushing the life out of him.

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Rose eagerly returned his kiss, until she sensed another presence. She looked over her shoulder as Draco snarled in a way that both terrified her and turned her insides to mush. He looked vaguely familiar, though she couldn't remember where she'd see him before. She blinked at his words, taking a second to process them before tightening her grip on Draco. Which, of course, did no good at all. He was far too calm as he stood and sat her back down in her desk chair. She reached for his arm a second too late. She flinched when he yelled in such a small space, her hearing too sensitive for that. Especially when it bounced back off of an invisible shield.

It was then she noticed the pretty female with the strange, yet familiar, man. She was familiar as well; she was pretty sure they'd met in London a couple of centuries ago. She nodded - and attempted a smile - when the woman pointed at the word library on the door. Apparently she was responsible for the shield.


Anavriel grimaced at the yell, thankful she'd gotten her shield up in time. She could only imagine the chaos such a sound would cause in a library. She pointed at the office door when she saw Rose looking at her. She seemed to understand why she'd done it, even if they both felt like their ears were going to start bleeding.

"Draco! Please put Mirak down," she said, laying a hand on one of the claws holding her mate. "Let me explain. You know he's terrible at such things." She wasn't sure how she would explain it, but she had to try something. Mirak could hold his own against the other dragon, but she was hoping to prevent them from injuring each other, which would probably destroy this office, possibly the building. Draco would regret it later, so it would be better for all involved if it could be prevented.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco snarled at both of them as his mind activated a remembered spell. though he outwardly appeared savage and angry beyond compare, inwardly he was barely suppressing his mirth as he spoke to Rose's mind.

don't worry i'm not realy angry, i know he had a good reason and am completely at peace with it. but its not ever day i get the chance to prank Mirak and can't resist the temptation to shake him. now play along and try to get me to put him down, if we're lucky he'll leave before he realizes he's been tricked. now don't give the game away!

Draco snarled again and began shaking Mirak in his giant talons. "WHY SHOULD I PUT DOWN THIS WORTHLESS ASH-BREATHER? HE KEPT MY MATE FROM ME! THEN HE HAS THE NERVE TO COME HERE AND EXPECT ME TO LET HIM GO WITHOUT RETRIBUTION?" his booming bellow shook the ground, though he made sure to soft the damage his voice would do this time.

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Rose struggled to keep a straight face. She looked down at her lap just before her lip started twitching. To anyone else it would look like she was struggling not to cry.

"Draco, please," she began, her voice cracking as she spoke. "Please just put him down. He's not worth it."


Ana blinked. Did Rose just insult her Mirak? Yep. But... it would be worth it if it would help calm Draco. He was really scary like this. She'd only seen him this way once - no, twice - before. The first time had been before they met and she'd only seen him from a distance; the second had been in Paris almost 800 years ago. She still didn't know how the city had survived.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco rumbled for a moment, as if contemplating whether to let Mirak go or not. finally he dropped Mirak, who simply landed on his feet. without a word Mirak grabbed Ana and teleported them out of there. after a moment Draco finally gave in to the mirth inside him and fell over laughing, luckily he did so in his human form. once he had recovered he stood up, swept Rose up into his arms, and proceeded to kiss her senseless. he finally stopped when he needed to breath.

"you were amazing Rose! did you see the look on Mirak's face? i thought he was going to faint when i picked him up! mmmm laughter suits you." Draco sat back in the chair with her in his lap. he wanted to hear her laugh again so he gave her side a little tickle, then gave her a bigger tickle when she giggled.

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Ana's empathy told her Rose wasn't really crying. In fact, she felt amusement from her... Draco, she felt anger from, but as an ancient vampiric dragon, he'd been able to hide his emotions from her for centuries. So he was likely also amused, just hiding it well.

Ah, of course. Pranking Mirak is damn near impossible. If he didn't figure it out himself, she'd tell him. Maybe. Eventually. Then again, maybe not.

She felt him grab her and did not resist when he teleported them away.

((Where to?))


Rose barely stopped herself from laughing before the other two disappeared. Then she started giggling insanely. She shrieked with laughter when Draco picked her up, only stopping when his lips settled over her own. Her arms wrapped around his neck, one going to the back of his head to hold him close. She barely managed to last as long as he could by breathing through her nose, only just starting to get light-headed as he stopped.

"Yes! That look was priceless," she said, grinning. She giggled and squirmed as he tickled her side. She shrieked with laughter once again as he continued tickling her.

"Stop. Stop! I can't breathe!" she said after a couple minutes of laughing like a crazy person. If he didn't stop, she'd just have to find out if he was ticklish as well.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments ((actually i have no idea, perhaps Mirak accidentally teleports them to Adrian's room?))

"can't breath because of the tickling or because of this?" Draco kissed her hungrily, pressing her against him in his eagerness. his eyes strayed to the desk then to her throat. while he wanted to bite her again he couldn't bite her in the same spots without the chance of doing some serious damage. while he didn't doubt she could recover from it his nature wouldn't allow himself to harm her now that he finally had her. "tell me have you ever been bitten on the back of the neck?" he asked her innocently after he stopped kissing her.

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((That works. Now would be a good time for them to show up...

They need a house or apartment or something. What should it be/look like?))

Rose opened her mouth to respond. Before she could say a word, his mouth was on hers, kissing her with a hunger she couldn't help but respond to. In seconds, she was ready to be intimate with him again, more than ready.

"Not the way you bite," she murmured, smiling sultrily up at him. She wanted him. Again. And again, and again. She knew she would never get tired of being with him. He was her soulmate; they would always be so eager for each other.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "hmmm now about your dress, i think we put the poor thing through enough punishment." though he hadn't noticed for sometime, her dress had several tears in it and some blood stains as well and didn't look quite ready for another assault from him. "perhaps you should take it off?" while he made the question sound innocent his eyes burned hot with hunger, of the two of them she had seen more of him than he had of her and he wanted to fix that.

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((That's only 4 sentences... You were doing so good too! :( ))

Rose smirked at his comment and question. "You just want to see me naked," she teased, grinning up at him. She reached down for the bottom hem of her dress and pulled it up, slowly, inch by inch until she pulled it off over her head. Now she was almost naked, only her bra remained. "Like what you see, love?" she teased, raising an eyebrow at him. As if his body hadn't already told her his answer.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments ((i thought it was 5!))

"if i liked it anymore we might not leave this room for several days." his voice was husky and rough with desire. before he had time to even think of it he partially shifted a hand and casually slid a claw down her back, catching the bra with the sharp edge and slicing through it, then flicked the annoying fabric away with a twitch of his wrist. "but i like this better. so do you think that desk can handle another assault or would you like to try in the chair?" he left the decision to her, it didn't matter to him so long as he could sink his fangs into that tender neck of hers.

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((Nope. Only 4 .s/?s/!s. Easy fix: put a period [or question mark] after dress. It says the same thing, just with a slightly different tempo and is five sentences. ^_^ ))

Rose chuckled at his words. Then she gasped, and frowned, as he cut her bra off of her. "That was expensive!" Bras - good bras anyway - in her size were not cheap ((They really aren't!))

The heat in his gaze cut any remaining protests off completely. Her body responded eagerly to the look in his eyes and the question. "I think the desk will hold up," she said with a wink.

((You can do the skip this time.))

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments with a growl Draco picked Rose up and carried her to the desk. he gently sat her on her feet before he turned her to face the desk. he pushed aside her hair and bit the back of her neck, though not hard enough to break the skin. when she moaned in response his control flew out the window and he gave in to his, and her, needs.

a little while later

Draco held Rose to him, not bothering to hide his grin. "we should try that again sometime." his voice was still a little husky but the need to keep taking was starting to lessen. he lightly stroked her back, unable to stop grinning that he finally had his female in his arms and trusting him enough to let him. "and i am sorry about the bra, i can fix it if you want."

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"Anytime you want to," she whispered breathlessly. She was just grateful the woman Anavriel had left the noise shield in place; never had she made so much noise before!

She shrugged at the mention of her bra. "That's probably a good idea. But I'm having trouble caring about such a thing right now. For some reason..." she let her voice trail off as she ran a finger down his chest.

"Too bad we can't just stay here forever."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments "while we have had fun here i can assure you that spending forever in a bedroom would be much better." as he spoke he caressed her bare back, feeling his body responding to her touch and the feel of her skin. "you'd think after all that there'd be nothing left, i apparently have more stamina than i thought." he muttered a bit at the end. with a sigh he carried her over to the chair and sat in it with her in his lap.

"what shall we do now? while having sex for hours on end sounds amazing i think we should rest for a while and talk for a bit. we should get any issues out in the open and over with. for instance, should i ever encounter any past lovers i will not hesitate to eat them." he saw the brief shock, with a bit of horror mixed in, cross her face. "i cannot help what i am Rose, the thought of another man touching you...." he trailed off as his blood began to boil in anger, literally began to boil right beneath his skin. though one wouldn't know it except for the steam rising from his skin.

((oh he doesn't know about the whole bisexual thing, he's never encountered a bisexual woman before!))

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"Luckily for them, all of my previous male lovers are already dead." Or living on the other side of the world, which might as well be the same thing. Now... how to tell him I've had lovers who weren't men. I wonder if he even knows what bisexuality is?

She began to shift awkwardly in his lap, his skin starting to burn hers. Had she not been a phoenix it would be much worse. Hell, she'd probably be getting toasted about now. For her, it was just her human skin getting injured slightly. Once she shifted, she would be fine. Even returning to this form would show no evidence of the mild burns - little more than a sunburn, really - she was currently receiving.

She wasn't sure how to calm his anger, but she had an idea she could try... She leaned up and kissed him, right on the lips.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco thought he heard something that wasn't his thoughts. when she pulled back to catch her breath he looked at the memory and looked at her curiously. "what to you mean you've had lovers that weren't men?" he got the whole bisexual thing, though he had no idea why it would apply to her. the shock in her expression confirmed what he had expected, she hadn't meant for him to hear that and had forgotten the mental link between them. the flush of her cheeks distracted him for a moment, though the flush wasn't as intense due to the blood he'd drank from her.

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She had completely forgotten about their mental link. She blamed the intense pleasure of their lovemaking for wiping the memory from her mind. That was her theory anyway.

"I mean that I'm bisexual. I've had other women as lovers, as well as men." She paused for a second. "Actually, I guess it would be more accurate to say that I used to be bisexual. After being with you, I have no desire to touch anyone else sexually.

"Making love with you has been the best experience of my life, one I look forward to repeating often. Nothing else could ever compare," she said, smiling up at him, love - and more than a little desire - obvious in her gaze.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 316 comments Draco's brain found it hard to wrap his mind around the idea of a woman being bisexual. he'd seen it a few times among the men of the tribes of his youth but never among the women. though now that he thought about it it made sense that some women would bisexual too. he was distracted by the love and desire in her eyes, and in her scent, but he was determined not to hide his nature from her. "and believe me there will be many times but Rose..... i was raised much differently than you were. i was born during a time when only the strongest, fastest, toughest, and smartest survived; the way i think and act will sometimes be a bit....primitive and i won't always be able to stop myself. now on a happier note my age means i have accumulated a lot of wealth and knowledge over the years, so if there is anything you wish just ask."

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Rose nodded. "I know. Things change. This world is much different than it was when I was born. Women have rights now. I was merely someone's property back then. Now, I can own property myself, vote, hold a job, so many things I could never have done in thirteenth century Paris. I am often amazed by how far society has come in less than eight hundred years.

"I have a good bit of money of my own, thank you very much." She gave him a scathing look, then slowly smiled. "But I do appreciate the gesture." She ran her hand down his arm.

"Do you have a home around here somewhere? I was going to start looking for something on Monday."

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