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message 1: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Finn (scarlettfinn) | 49 comments I have a question (obviously) about genre. I've been writing since I was a child and my craft has improved over the years. I've seen here that a lot of writers go through phases with different genres and I have done the same, experimenting in different areas.
My next novel is a romantic suspense, and the one after that one will be as well (the sequel to Mistake Me Not).
But - and here's my question - does anyone read chicklit anymore?
I've written a lot of chicklit but my passion now leans toward suspense. But because I've started publishing I've been thinking about getting some of my chicklit out there too.
So, does anyone read chicklit anymore? Should I take time away from my suspense projects to focus on chicklit and get them out there for readers?
I'd be interested to hear from both writers and readers on this. So if you have any thoughts I'd appreciate them :)

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela Dossett (whisperingwillo) Why not both? I find I love romance, but add some mystery, suspense and intrigue to the mix makes it more interesting. This is just my honest opinion. Cheers!!

message 3: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Finn (scarlettfinn) | 49 comments Yes, I enjoy writing both. I suppose there is so much more talk of such specific genres it just makes me think that maybe the more general romance is drowned out. Hmm...


message 4: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Sharpe (abigailsharpe) If you're happy with the RS, I say stay there. When you need a break, work on the chic-lit.

message 5: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Finn (scarlettfinn) | 49 comments Abigail wrote: "If you're happy with the RS, I say stay there. When you need a break, work on the chic-lit."

Thanks. Yeah, I've had a specific chicklit project in mind for a while. I finished it ages ago.
I'll release Explicit Instruction (RS)then I'll maybe get another of my chicklit titles out there :)

message 6: by Katerina (new)

Katerina | 34 comments If you have already written some chicklit stories, why don't you just publish them and see how they will do. There is an audience for every genre!

As you said, there are a lot of authors who write in different genres. I don't think that they write having a specific audience in mind, but write the story that comes naturally to them.
This can be romantic suspense one book and chicklit the next.

As for "does anybody read chicklit anymore?"
Readers will read everything as long as it is well written...

message 7: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Finn (scarlettfinn) | 49 comments Thanks.
I've already written a few things but I still have a process to go through before I publish them - final rounds of editing etc.
I know as a reader myself what I enjoy and I agree with writing what comes naturally, and that's what I've always done.
The reason I am struggling is because my suspense title has done far better than my published chicklit (though I admit I've done a lot more marketing for my suspense title). My next title is suspense too and I suppose I'm concerned with turning off any audience I might have established through Mistake Me Not (RS). That said I haven't had reviews to tell me whether readers liked Mistake Me Not, or not :p
So if readers like Mistake Me Not (RS) I want to keep giving them that, but if they don't then I would be better to get some chicklit out, see if the readers think I am better at that than the RS so I can garner an audience that way.
Ahh! Decisions, decisions...
Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated :D

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