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Age appropriate????? :)

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Hana I'm thirteen years old, and I heard this book is really good. Plus I'm a huge John Green and The Fault In Our Stars fan. The Fault In Our Stars... man, that was one of the best books ever written... in my opinion. Anyway, I really want to read this book, but I don't know if it's age appropriate for me or not. :) :)

Lauren If your quite mature it is okay, there was is a blow job scene but it is not sexual. Some people call it porn but it not arousing in any way. it is awkward and yeah. I read it when i was 13 but i would let your parents read it first if you are worried.

Hana Lauren wrote: "If your quite mature it is okay, there was is a blow job scene but it is not sexual. Some people call it porn but it not arousing in any way. it is awkward and yeah. I read it when i was 13 but i w..."

Thank you!! :)

Sammy I read it and im 13. but it all depends how mature you are. just imagine any and all high-schoolers would want to do and if their was very little supervision. I still loved the book.

Maria I read it, and I just turned 14 but as the others said it depends on how mature you are. I just skipped over the bj scene :)

Ness I read it when I was 14. I felt that I was mature enough and other friends recommended it.

Valeria I read it when i was 13 and except the bj part everything was fine, don't be like some of my classmates and read 50 shades of grey when we were like eleven tho

Rachel Paige  Hamlin It swears a lot. I don't know what your opinions on things are, but I read this when I was 15 and I think it was age appropriate for me, but i thought I'd give you the warning I never got,
There is a lot of swearing, drinking, smoking, and sexual references. The blow job as people mentioned and also references in dialogue(external and internal).
You could probably handle it, I just thought I'd make sure you knew what you were getting into. I try to read books that are mostly clean, and nobody had told me this one wasn't.

Tayler I would just make sure you're pretty mature if you want to read it now. I would wait until 16 maybe? Also, if you want to read John Green, READ PAPER TOWNS. Paper Towns is more or less the best John Green book there is, and it is much more appropriate for 13. :)

Eliza Get your parents to read it and they’ll tell you if it's ok for you. There's a lot of swearing, underage drinking and smoking, and a sexual scene that I would call graphic, but not pornographic (it's not at all titillating and 100% embarrassing, actually).

Megan I'm one of those "as long as kids are reading" people. I'd say it's age appropriate. You ever watched Degrassi? It's more toned down than that.

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KQC i read it when i just turned 17

Molly Selman 14-17 is probably exactly the age that can benefit from the story the most.

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Chloe Hardin I read this book when I turned 13, and like others said it just depends on how mature you are and if it helps just skip over the blow job scene. Also you could have your parents read it before you do.

Marisa Ferreira I read this book a about a year ago. I was 14, and it was okay tbh (it turned out to be one of my all time favourites). There's the blow job thing and sexual references, but it was okay, at least for me. And there's also a lot of swearing, even though it didn't bother me at all. But yeah, it depends on your maturity.

Sarah I read this book and I absolutely loved it ( I love all of john Green's books) but some of the content was a little bit inappropriate but again, it is a YOUNG ADULT book. I would recommend people from ages 11-etc could read this book:)

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Sara Gardyne I don't think you can put an "age rating" on abook unless it's seriously grown-up. I think it just depends on your level of maturity and your level of literary understanding. I read LfA when a couple months ago when I was 13 and it was actually one of my favourite books! I think it just depends on what you see as inappropriate and how you deal with these sort of issues.

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