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Located off of the south side of the Compound.


₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
The sunlight was warm on Adeline Starling's back as it streamed down on her through the pristine glass roof of the greenhouse. Della had spent most of the morning preening over the plants she had so carefully nurtured from seeds. They had been growing for most of the spring, and soon it would be time to work on maintenance and separating them into other plots of dirt so they had room to grow.
But now that she had finished picking all of the decayed leaves and watering any starved soil, Della was focusing her attention on cleaning up the work area. The greenhouse was devoid of any other human life, most of the other usual gardeners off doing chores or otherwise occupying themselves elsewhere. This left Adeline alone to sweep the loose dirt off of the tiled floor and outside. She didn't mind having to tackle the work on her own; it was peaceful. Her plants were the only company she needed.
The laughter and shouting of some of the younger children playing outside was a pleasant background noise. It was pleasant at least until it was interrupted by a suddenly loud and close thwack against a pane of the greenhouse. Her head jerked up, startled but not altogether surprised to find that it had been a stray football. Letting a frustrated expression fall across her features, she opened up the nearest window and called out, "Michael Totenson, I know I have told you to keep that thing away from my greenhouse!"
"Sorry, Della, it won't happen again," Michael assured her sheepishly as he retrieved the ball, his head ducked in the acceptance of his shame.
"I should hope not," she scolded goodnaturedly, before allowing the corner of her lips to quirk up just enough to let him know to not take the admonishment to heart. About to close the window, Della thought better of it, enjoying the cool breeze that came in off the river as she continued her sweeping.

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Megan (nightrunner) | 27 comments Alexander Kensington was on a mission. The mission was to make the people of the vault realize that his favorite lemon, mint and chicken pasta would not kill anyone, and that it was in fact, quite good. It was probably some of the best food they would ever eat, though they didn't know it yet. He had been asking to make it on a large scale for weeks, and the chefs had finally caved. They weren't used to telling Alex no, so all it took was a little effort on his part. The only problem now was that he had to get mint and lemons that he would need for the dish. The only problem was that he usually had help navigating the greenhouse. Today, he was all on his own, and on a tight schedule.

"Hello?" he called in a crappy Brooklyn accent, peaking between leaves and branches, squatting slightly, a basket in the crook of his arms as he held his hands up like a fake gun. "Come out with your hands up, or I'll have to shoot."

He rounded the corner, pretending to point his "gun" down the empty aisle. "You have until I count to ten, scumbag. I'm ready to haul your ass in for what you been growin' in here." He continued down the aisle, checking plants as he went, caught up in his own little world, figuring there was no one around to see him. "One.... Two... Three... Don't make me wait, boy."

He rounded another aisle, and almost walked right into a blonde woman working the plants there. He promptly pulled his hands apart, a blush rushing into his cheeks as he let the basket fall into his left hand, right moving up to rub his neck. The girl must have heard everything. She probably thought he was crazy. A spark of recognition shot through him, and he straightened up slightly.

"Adeline, I didn't know you were in here. I was just... " he trailed off, not quite sure how to justify what had just happened. "Would you be able to help me find some things? I'm in charge of dinner for tonight and Mom said the greenhouse would be empty. I could really use your help. "

He flashed her a brilliant grin, hoping she would have a few minutes to spare as he leaned against one of the tables, only to knock a plant off the side, almost right onto her foot.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
The broom stopped as Della paused, listening to the tentative greeting towards the Compound entrance to the greenhouse. She was about to answer when the call was followed by a rather unexpected threat. Were there kids playing in here? The voice had been deeper, older, but there was a playfulness to the tone of it that made her wonder if this was just some creative twist on hide and seek. There were a hundred other places she would have had them play it though.
Keeping one hand on the broom, she swiveled around with it, peering down an aisle, but unable to see anyone around the dense rows of leaves. She bent low to make sure there were no children lurking under the tables, but saw no one. If there were any kids in here, they were doing a damn good job. Straightening up, Adeline absentmindedly swept some more dirt and debris into her pile, before looking up to peer down the other aisle only to come face to face with a young man, who appeared to be alone.
Della raised her eyebrows at him as she took in his unsettled appearance, glancing over his bright face, nervous fidgeting, and the basket in his hand.
She kept silent long enough for him to explain himself, and once he had, Della had to clamp down hard on the inside of her cheek to keep a broad grin of amusement from spreading across her face. She couldn't believe Alexander had carried out those antics without a prompt from any children and a part of her couldn't help but wonder if he had a habit of it.
"That depends, are you going to shoot me if I don't?" she goaded lightly, raising a taunting eyebrow. As embarrassed as he was, she couldn't help but tease him just a little before she helped him. His entrance had been rather entertaining, so the least she could do was see what he had come in here for in the first place.
Adeline was ready to set her broom aside and help him search for whatever it was he was looking for up until a suspicious movement caught her attention. Her eyes widened when she saw it was an unsteady terracotta pot and she moved to grab it before it toppled over but she was too slow. Della could only watch as the pot landed on the ground in a near miss from her left foot, shattering on the tile and spilling it's contents.
"Gus!" Della exclaimed as she tossed the broom to the floor, where it fell with a hardly acknowledged clatter. She knelt down as she tried to assess the damage to her zinnias.

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Megan (nightrunner) | 27 comments Alex laughed as she asked about his little game, shaking his head and slipping back into a Brooklyn accent. "Well, Dawlin', that depends, are you going to come quietly?" He pretended to be serious, reaching toward his back pocket as though he had a gun holstered there. He couldn't help it sometimes. He had watched a lot of cop shows when he was younger, before he came to the compound. The bad acting had stuck with him.

As he saw the pot falling, he moved to try and catch it, although he knew there was no hope. He instantly felt bad when he saw her reaction, picking up the broom and setting it aside, kneeling beside her to start carefully picking up pieces of the pot so that she wouldn't cut herself. "Are there extra pots anywhere? So that we can get these replanted asap."

He wiped his dirty hands on his jeans, reaching up to adjust the other pots back into place to avoid a repeat incident, puzzling in his mind if she had really named this plant Gus, or if it was something she simply exclaimed in when distressed. "Let me make this up to you. I'm on dessert duty tomorrow. I can make you anything you want. Cupcakes, cookies, tiramisu is my personal favorite, but if you prefer crumb cake I can do that too."

He didn't wait for her response as he spotted extra pots and ran over to grab one, bringing the largest pot he saw back over to her and kneeling beside her, mostly useless, but perfectly willing to help out if she needed him to do anything. He mildly looked like a puppy waiting to fetch a toy, completely distracted from what had brought him to the greenhouse in the first place.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
Alex's answer fell on deaf ears as she brushed shards of the pot away, carefully lifting up the clusters of zinnia angustifolia. Inspecting the leaves and roots, she saw that there was nothing unsalvageable about the plants and Della breathed a sigh of relief. She would have reamed him out for having been careless enough to knock over one of her plants, but the look of guilt on his face and his eagerness to help.

She nodded mutely at a stack of spare pots under a nearby table, but focused most of her attention on collecting all of the flowers so they were no longer resting heavily on their sides. "Make it peach cobbler and I won't hold a grudge for too long," Adeline said, looking up as he set the pot down in between them.

"Hold these," Della instructed, delicately handing him the flowers. Picking through the pieces of terracotta, she grabbed the scattered bits of gravel and started pouring them into the bottom of the new pot. A few of the chunks of terracotta got thrown into the mix, but that wasn't a problem, nor did she care when the pointy end of one of them sliced into her ring finger.

Leaning over, she dragged over a large sack of loose, mixed soil and started filling the pot by the handful. When the level reached to about six inches below the rim, Adeline looked back up at Alex. "You can set those in the middle."

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Megan (nightrunner) | 27 comments Alex nodded at her request for peach cobbler, thinking he could also make some homemade ice cream to go with it, as long as he prepped tonight so that it could be solid by tomorrow. Homemade vanilla ice cream was the best. He could even get the kids to help him churn. or at least get one of them to sit on the bucket to weigh it down. He would pair it up with funnel cake. It was easy enough to make, and that way everyone would have something they would like.

She she plopped the plants into his hands, he held perfectly still, as though him simply holding the plants might cause them to wither and die. He had always been horrid when it came to keeping plants alive. He had managed to kill his mom's bamboo in two weeks, even though all you really had to do was water it. "You might not want me to be the one touching plants. I might look at them wrong and wither them."

He was trying to be funny, to lighten up the mood slightly, but he was terribly uneducated about plants, so he had to resort to the base of all humor, crappy puns. "I just can't be-leaf this stemmed from my actions." He was hoping for at least a small smile, as she continued working to re-pot the plant, trusting Alex to lower the roots into the pot without messing everything up. He carefully lowered the flowers into the place she indicated, carefully untangling his fingers from the roots.

"Okay, what else do you need me to do?" he asked, head tilted to the side slightly, noticing the blood on her hand and reaching over to grab her wrist. "You cut yourself!"

He felt terrible, whipping the towel he always kept in his back pocket out to wrap around her hand, pulling her hands away from the plant. "You keep pressure on your hand to stop the bleeding. Tell me what to do about the..." He looked up to the card that identified the plants, "Zinnias, what else do I do?"

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
"I honestly doubt anyone has the ability to cause something to die just by looking at it. I hate to break it to you, but I just don't think you're that special," Della said lightly, continuing to spread handfuls of dirt around the edges. Her hands stilled at his poor joke and she blinked up at him, eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed tight because she would be damned if she laughed at such a ridiculous pun. It was impossible to keep her lips from quirking up, though, so she just shook her head, looking back down at the pot.

"I can't be-leaf you actually said that," Adeline mused, brushing the soil around to cover the exposed roots. Then again, it shouldn't be too big of a stretch. Alex had, after all, come into the greenhouse pretending to be a cop hunting down some imaginary criminal. She was thinking of anything else he could do to help when he took hold of her wrist without warning.

Turning her hand over, she noticed that she had in fact been cut, the blood seeping onto her palm a rust red color as it mixed to the dirt. Her hands had felt a little more grimy than usual, but it wasn't too big of a deal. Now that he had brought it to her attention, though, it began to sting. Frowning, Adeline was about to protest that she was to protest that she was fine when Alex produced a towel from some unknown location and tightly wrapped it around her hand.

Della sighed and resigned herself to being his instructor, as little as she liked it. It wasn't that repotting a plant was rocket science, she was just very protective about her work. "Cover all of the roots with the dirt," she told him, squeezing her hand into a fist around the towel and bending her arm so her hand was resting against her shoulder; that way she would feel the annoying throb that was starting up in her ring finger.

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