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message 1: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Powell (margaret_powell) | 2 comments Hi, I'm a new author--and new to Goodreads, with a book coming out in 2018. My name (Margaret Powell) is exactly the same as a deceased author who published books in the 1970s, and unfortunately, my upcoming book "Only the Best: The Story of Fashion Designer Ann Lowe" which I co-wrote with Kate Messner, is attached to that deceased Margaret Powell's record. As a new member, I don't have access to change anything but I was wondering if one of the librarians would be able to edit the "Margaret Powell" author info on the record of my book to remove it from that other Powell's book list and (hopefully) create an author record for me? Thanks!Only the Best: The Story of Fashion Designer Ann Lowe

message 2: by free (new)

free (frdn) | 5182 comments moved into "Margaret^^Powell" (with 2 spaces)

you can claim your author page by clicking "Is this you? Let us know." in the bottom of author page...

message 3: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Powell (margaret_powell) | 2 comments Thank you SO MUCH for your help fRee! I wanted to pull my hair out earlier, but I think I'm all set now :)



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