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message 1: by Janet (new)

Janet Campbell | 2 comments I am a fan of Krista Davis. I have read all of her "Paws and Claws" books, but only the first two in her Diva series. Could anyone give me the title of of good cozy, similar to these, where the murder takes place in the first chapter? Krista may have one in her Diva series that I haven't gotten to yet. If you know of a good title, I sure would appreciate the info!! Thanks!

message 2: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Jarvis (screalwriter) | 151 comments It's practically a requirement that a murder take place in the first chapter of a cozy mystery, LOL. May I suggest you go to Amazon and enter "Cozy Food:128 Cozy Mystery Writers Share Their Favorite Recipes." You don't have to buy the cookbook, but take a look at the back cover for more cozy writers than you'll be able to read in years.

message 3: by Donald (new)

Donald Scott (writeondon) I always loved Lydia Adamson's (pen name) "Cat" series - since ended, and I believe the guy writing under her name may even have passed away (I may be wrong about that one, but the series did end some time ago). I don't agree with Nancy, I have read plenty of cozies where the murder didn't happen in the first chapter, but in this series they ALWAYS did. The lead character is Alice Nestleton, a struggling actress in NYC who has a side business cat sitting. A couple of so-so ones, but overall loved the series enough to miss it to this day.

The first one is 'A Cat in the Manger' - here's the page for the Kindle edition.

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