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message 1: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments Bloom's day is coming, anyone interested in a Buddy read for Ulysses??

message 2: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments Awesome!!! I confess I'm a little scared, got a book that's only annotations to Ulysses and it's pretty thick... I think it will be a slow read for me :(
I love that your audio version it's narrated by an Irish actor! I will be reading a hardcover :)

message 3: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments Ok, unfortunately during the work week I have little reading time but I can try finishing parts 1-3 of the 18 by Sunday and see how it goes from there or if I can even make it!

message 4: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments Lol!! I might just do that depending on how it goes. I'm hoping to get started tonight, we'll see...

message 5: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments Manda, happy Bloomsday! How are you coming along with the book? I have only made it to the first 25 pages :( I can't make any progress without looking at the notes, which is a whole other book!
With all the songs and poetry that's included I was thinking the audio version must be great! That Buck Mulligan is quite a character

message 6: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments I only read about 7 more pages :'( since I'm looking at the notes on the other book, it takes a while to get through them. Also, I'm crocheting a baby blanket for a friend so that took some of my reading time. I should start considering audiobooks!

message 7: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments Great list! I see you got 2666, that's one I've dying to get to but I think I will read Savage Detectives (also from Bolaño) first. And Master and Commander sounds like a great option for an Audiobook :) will need to give some of those a try.

message 8: by Fab (new)

Fab | 60 comments Oh no! :'( don't worry, I understand, I honestly had not had a chance to continue and have a lot going on as well. I'll see if I can continue on and post comments about it. But I don't think I can trudge through this monster alone and may have to give up on it for now. We'll see. Maybe you can rejoin at a later time :)

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