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Skye (Skye's Scribblings) | 241 comments Mod
Welcome to the first review in the PRUDENCE READ-ALONG, hosted here and on Skye's Scribblings! (For information on the Read-Along, see the Introduction post here.) Below are my brief thoughts on the first four chapters, as well as the first Q&A with the author and a special surprise giveaway at the end for Members!!

This week we read CHAPTERS 1-4.


After pilfering a mysterious snuffbox via slightly scandalous means at a private ball, Rue is given a delightful dirigible and a secret tea mission to India by her adopted father, Dama. Wrangling some old acquaintances into ship service, they set off by stealth with only a few hiccups (or, more accurately, moments of flatulence) for the Maltese Tower...


Characters: It's always exciting when minor characters (especially children) from an author's previous series grow up to become major characters in their own books! When Rue's special ability was revealed in the Parasol Protectorate I immediately knew she required her own series, and couldn't have been happier when The Custard Protocol was announced. The addition of the Tunstell twins and scamp Quesnel (who was always a favorite) were simply lemon curd on the crumpets.

Introductions & Floating: I really enjoyed how playful the introductions were for the main cast: amused Rue with her shifting of both shapes and personalities, flirtatious Prim with her casual composure in the face of Rue's machinations, unmanageable Quesnel with his rakish mischief, and Professor Percy with his eccentric diversions. The Spotted Custard's introduction was a delight thanks to its initial quirky crew, and its preparation and maiden departure were an interesting look at just what such an undertaking involves. I really enjoyed learning the details and trials involved with floating - in previous parasolverse series (but especially Finishing School) we spent a great deal of time in the air, but here we finally got to see just how it works.


Character: While it's impossible not to adore the entire cast, with his bookish proclivities, harried young valet, and cat named Footnote, how could Percy not be my boy?

Scene: Definitely Percy's introduction, as it is filled with books and wit and a cat winds through it.


"Good. That's him safely ensconced," said Rue.
"You're not worried he'll escape?" Prim watched her brother with affectionate exasperation.
"I've given instructions for the footmen and porters to wall him in with his own books. By the time he reads his way out, we should be ready for float off."
"You'll leave a feeding hole?"
"I'm not a monster."

>>So what were your thoughts on Chapters 1-4? Who was your favorite character? Favorite quote? Join the discussion below or Comment on the blog post here!<<

NEXT (6/19 - 6/25) WE READ: CHAPTERS 5-8



Q. With well over a dozen novels, novellas and short stories set in your parasolverse, what appeals to you so much about the world that you enjoy and are able to write in it for so long?

A. I am goddess of my universe and I get to control all the players! *Insert evil laugh here*

Seriously? I really just love the characters and I want to know more about them. As a writer, that translates to writing about them.


In honor of the Read-Along, Ms Gail has generously donated two signed Prudence ARCs!! As these would be a special addition to any Carriger fan collection, this giveaway will be open to Gail Carriger Fan Group Members only. (US addresses only though, apologies International fans!) Want an ARC for your collection? Just be or become a Fan Group member and join the read-along discussion!



And don't forget I'm also holding a giveaway on Skye's Scribblings for a Carriger button set, which you can enter HERE .

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Melissa (veruna) | 49 comments I hate to say it, but Rue, whom I've been most excited to meet, was probably my least favorite character. She's just kind of flat to me. Not that I don't adore the little puggle, but it's Ivy's twins who have me intrigued the most! Can't wait to see how this group works together.

message 3: by Min (new)

Min (beeblebrox000) | 2 comments I like Quesnel and I think Rue fancies him a fair bit too.
But there's also Percival.
I hope this won't develop into a love triangle thing.
Everytime a beloved author writes a love triangle, the heroine always chooses the guy that I'm NOT rooting for. Sigh!!

Another point I want to bring up is regarding the London names. Are Rustle Square and Theme supposed to be Russell Square and Thames?

message 4: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara Wahlund | 3 comments I agree with Melissa on Rue. I don't like her. She is so self-assured and spoiled. I guess it comes from being a metanatural and that unusual set of parents. Very annoyingly brittish way of thinking. But I love the way she takes command over her crew.

Nicqui | 125 comments Melissa wrote: "I hate to say it, but Rue, whom I've been most excited to meet, was probably my least favorite character. She's just kind of flat to me. Not that I don't adore the little puggle, but it's Ivy's twi..."

I've come to terms with the fact that I tend to like least (not outright dislike most of the time) the main character in books like this. My favourites tend to be the supporting characters. I love the dynamics and how they affect the main story.

Nicqui | 125 comments I will admit I haven't actually begun my reread of this book yet. Still in Finishing School but I should be finished with everything before Imprudence is released.

That being said, Rue isn't my favourite at all. I appreciate that she has flaws and that makes her interesting but her friends and crew are the stars to me. I love Percy and the small entourage that comes with him. I love that he is sort of pointed in a direction and then left to his own devices. I look forward to seeing how his character develops as they are put into more hot water.

I have a crush on Q (but I suspect I'm not the only one) and I hope he can soften some of Rue's edges in the next book and make her a teensy bit more likeable to me. I do love that she's a bit of a ball buster though. She's take charge and determined. I like that in a woman.

Lulu (lulufritz) | 4 comments Sorry I am late in posting
I just finished reading Finishing School and I had read the Parasol Protectorate series before. This is my first time reading Prudence.

I get what Melissa and Sara are saying about not really liking Rue. I think for me though it is that we don’t really get to see a lot of who Rue really is at least in these chapters because she is constantly putting on the personalities of her friends and loved ones. The only times we really get her being herself she isn’t really shown in the best light and I’m not sure if that’s because she doesn’t recognize her awesomeness yet or because it’s supposed to be a slow build for the reader to like her.

Percival rather reminds me of Pillover, so I do not think a love triangle is really on the horizon with him, Rue and Quesnel. Nicqui I am on the same page with you about loving Percy and the small entourage that comes with him.

I get that I am supposed to like Quesnel because I am already familiar with him and he and Rue clearly have something between them but I am not sure I like him just yet.

I really like the Honourable Miss Primrose Tunstell. I like that even though Rue is sort of in charge and Prim is the voice of reason. She seems a bit like her mother but with a healthy dose of sagacity.

I really like the bit with Lord and Lady Maccon watching The Spotted Custard from the trees. It made me nostalgic and pleased that the two of them were in a scene together.

I loved that Rue calls them Dama and Paw.

Nicqui | 125 comments Lulu wrote: "Percival rather reminds me of Pillover..."


It didn't click to me at first but Percy is Pill. Obviouly, no literally, but they might as well be the same person. And I do love Pill so very much so this makes me very happy.

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