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message 1: by Vera (new)

Vera (vemo) | 17 comments I don't know where or how to post a warning about an amazon policy that may affect quite a few of our books.

My husband read a good book and recommended it to me. I liked it very much. We both reviewed it favourably. Amazon deleted both of our reviews for "bias".

Well, geez! Would I bother reviewing something I was indifferent to? Is it unusual for spouses to have similar taste? If I like some book and give it to my mother for Christmas and lend it to my brother, are all our reviews void because we have the same name?

Anyway, I think people ought to know about this and I can't find a venue to tell them.

message 2: by Ed (new)

Ed Morawski | 123 comments Don't feel bad, it seems as though any family member (extended included) or friend who ever bought anything on Amazon and who knows me in any possible connection gets their reviews deleted immediately as well.

I figure that's around a hundred people who can't review any of my books.

message 3: by Vera (new)

Vera (vemo) | 17 comments I do feel bad! Well, more accurately, mad.

This is not about my own book. I reviewed nine Goodreads authors' books in the past month, as well two or three others. That's a lot of work down the tube, if I happened to share any of them with a family member - especially since I'd only recommend the ones I admire.

Kind of frustrating, too, when two or more people have made the effort to praise a book - or pan it, for that matter - and they're simply wiped out for having the same surname. No warning, no feedback procedure. And I had no idea.

So, probably, there are others who don't know, either.
I'd just like to alert them not to duplicate reviews, and can't find a venue.

message 4: by Neil (new)

Neil Carstairs | 670 comments And yet under my account's social settings Amazon encourages me to share purchases and recommendations. Seems a very bizarre policy. Have you tried contacting Amazon to find out what is going on?

message 5: by Vera (last edited Jun 05, 2016 02:48PM) (new)

Vera (vemo) | 17 comments I have not found any point of access.

I'm particularly concerned at the moment, because I've just done a 100 Group round, in which I reviewed four YA novels. Many readers buy the kindle edition of their assigned reading, for convenience. I happen to have a granddaughter of the right age and a couple of those books are suitable for her. If I passed them on and she reviewed them, my commitment to the group could be invalidated. (It didn't happen.)
There are nine other people in that group, and nine in the mystery group, very possibly in the same situation. I suppose I could warn them all individually, but not the people in the other groups.

message 6: by Emma, Group Admin (new)

Emma Jaye | 4044 comments Mod
Two reviews from the same IP address are considered by amazon to be biased.
I'm not saying its true or not in any actual case, just what amazon considers it to be.
The Mighty Zon works in mysterious ways.....

message 7: by Vera (last edited Jun 06, 2016 07:44AM) (new)

Vera (vemo) | 17 comments Okay. So I just won't post reviews there anymore.
I'm certainly not going to stop reading books my husband recommends.

message 8: by Emma, Group Admin (new)

Emma Jaye | 4044 comments Mod
of course not! You can still post reviews on goodreads.

message 9: by Vera (new)

Vera (vemo) | 17 comments It's cool; I don't need to post on amazon, now that my group review obligation is discharged.

Only, I would have appreciated a warning beforehand, so I thought others might, too.

message 10: by Emma, Group Admin (new)

Emma Jaye | 4044 comments Mod
It was a good idea, I think a lot of people are unaware of this. As long as the author gets a review from one of you, I'm sure they'll be happy.

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