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Daydream Believers (Corpalism II)
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Author Announcements > My book Daydream Believers will be FREE for Kindle download from Amazon 5/6/16 to 9/6/16

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message 1: by Arun (new)

Arun Ellis | 11 comments Hi -

Just to let you know that my book 'Daydream Believers' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle/PC download from Sunday 5th June to Thursday 9th June 2016. All I ask is that you tell your friends and leave a review.

It's about a bunch of old people, ex service men and women all, find they are no longer willing to sit back and allow the politically corrupt to ruin their country. They resolve to make a stand, to arm themselves and to fight, to rid the land of their greedy leaders, to attack the political elites in their haven, the Houses of Parliament.

The workmen argue and bluster and generally mess up, the three fat ladies take advantage of the digital age to seduce their unsuspecting prey.

The superstar footballer and his trophy wife reveal the self destructive nature of their life together and their pointless marriage.

A lucky couple win the lottery and find the pressures of new found wealth and family envy hard to handle.

A young East European finds herself prostituted until she meets her chivalric knight.

A mad eyed preacher tries to lecture the world back from the abyss.

The avenging 'Hand of God' meets out justice against criminal pimps from his community.

A homicidal diarist decides he's had enough and plans to kill members of the selfish 1%.

And then there's the return of Blackmore, the spy master general.
Happy reading and hope you have a good week.



message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Taeuffer (goodreadscompamelataeuffer) | 10 comments Sounds like a feast of imagination!!
Good luck with your project Arun!

message 3: by Arun (new)

Arun Ellis | 11 comments Pamela wrote: "Sounds like a feast of imagination!!
Good luck with your project Arun!"

Cheers Pamela

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