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Bonnie Jennings Bonnie Jun 05, 2016 09:32AM
I really enjoy the BDB books by J.R. Ward. I'm looking for another series that is similar. I've tried a couple but they just don't compare. Does anyone have suggestions? I love the community in the books - how supportive everyone is, how devoted the couples are........and all the alpha males don't hurt either.

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Have you tried Laura Adrian's Midnight Breed series?
That one is very similar to the BDB. Many think it was mirrored after the BDB but actually the first book of the Midnight Breeds was published before the BDB came out. It's a decent series. Certain things are different. Like what you may find lacking with it, you get from the BDB and vice versa. But overall it's a good series in it's own right. it holds it's own. I loved it up until Book 8 I believe. That's when I kinda lost interest a bit. Guess I'm a BDB girl through & through :)

Bonnie Jennings I read the prequel and I think I'll try the first book. Thanks! ...more
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Inkslinger I'm really glad you've opted to try this one. MB really is probably the closest thing I have read to the BDB atmosphere/community. Also.. I'm assuming ...more
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JR Ward has a new series and it is like a companion series to BDB it's called The Black Dagger Legacy and the first book is called Blood Kiss!
It was a really good book and has the characters from BDB in them!!

Have you tried the AKM series by Donya Lynne? I really enjoy it a lot. It has great relationships throughout, that's the mated pairs plus the friendships. I believe the first book called Rise of the Fallen is either free or discounted right now. Happy reading and good luck.

I've read some of the ones mentioned above but Christine Feehan's Dark Series (The Carpathians) is the only other one besides the BDB that I still autobuy every new release. Dark Prince is the first one in the series if you're interested.

Anna Hackett
Hell Squad series
#1 Marcus
Galactic Gladiators series
#1 Gladiator

M.K. Eidem
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S.E. Smith
Dragon Lord's of Valdier
#1 Abducting Abby

Connie Suttle
Blood Destiny series
#1 Blood Wager

Michelle Howard
A World Beyond series
#1 Torkel's Chosen

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