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H :) | 53 comments Lena sauntered into the common room, smiling when she saw another girl. She made her way towards a comfortable looking chair near the girl, grinning. A small kitten trailed in her wake, hopping up and onto her lap when she sat down. Lena smiled, her fingers caressing Jinx's fur.

"Lena," she introduced herself to the girlwith a smile. "You're a first year, too, right?" She grinned.

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H :) | 53 comments "Uh, yeah... Ish. I mean, not very far," Lena said, blanching slightly as she thought about it . "My family lives in Oxford. Not too far, yeah, but it took a while to get to Kings Cross. Traffic in London and all. My dad insisted on travelling the muggle way." Lena rolled her eyes. "What about you? Where do you live?" She asked, smiling at Lilliana. She wondered if many of the other pupils were from posh, old wizarding families, or from middle class, mixed blood ones like hers. Lena had never really thought about the fact that she might not fit in, at least, not until now...

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H :) | 53 comments "Well, my parents a wizards," Lena replied, with no hint of bashfulness about her heritage. "But my father is a halfblood. My mother's family is pureblooded, I s'pose, not counting a couple squibs," she smiled. "But that's fine with me. I'd rather be a halfblood or muggle born..." She eyed Lilliana apologetically. "I mean, no offense if you're a pureblood or something... I just think you get the best of both worlds if you're from at least a partially muggle family. The magic, and muggle stuff, like football." She smiled. Football was one of the greatest joys in her small, I eventful life so far. She couldn't imagine life without it, but many of the purebloods that she had met hadn't even known what it was.

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H :) | 53 comments "Ah..." Lena felt a twinge of regret for her words. "Well, it's pretty cool. The wizarding one is better--by a lot--but muggle life has good bits, too. Like football, and TV and computers and stuff. Email is a lot faster than owls," she laughed lightly. "But we have Quidditch instead of Football, yeah...? It's nearly as fun," she joked. "My mum played chaser for Gryffindor," Lena smiled proudly. "And my big brother was one, too. I used to play with him during the summers..." She grinned. "Do you play?"

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