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Final exams are coming up this week and your friend asked you for help with studying. But the there is one minor problem. You have not started studying for your exams and you cannot possibly fit time into both of your studies. What will you do?

a. Help with your friend’s studies
b. Say no, I will not and cannot help you.
c. Tell your friend that you placed a bet. The bet was: if you walked into the final exams classroom and got an Exceeds Expectations or higher on the exam, you would get 50 galleons. And you can’t risk getting even an ounce of study time in.
d. Politely say that you have to study for your own exams. If there is time after you are done studying, then you will help them.

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You are on the Quidditch Pitch now. Where would you be?

A. Commentating and making jokes about the house opposing my house.
B. On the pitch showing everyone who's boss with my beater's bat.
C. In the stands watching.

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What type of jokes do you generally make?

A. My jokes always involve teasing someone. All my friends love them!
B. Imitating something hilarious that happened earlier that day.
C. Something, I don't know what. But something to cheer everyone up. That sorta joke.

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Two boxes are placed in front of you and you can only choose one. Which do you choose?

A. The shiny silver box that is larger than the rest.
B. The box made of old, but not too old, wood that reads only you can open this box.

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