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Rose ♥ | 294 comments Mod
We, the moderators of this group, want everyone to feel comfortable asking us questions or talking to us. What better way to help in that aspect than to introduce ourselves to you? Meet the mods in our posts below!

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Rose ♥ | 294 comments Mod

Hello everyone and welcome! Thank you so much for joining this group and helping grow in every way possible.

I am Rose, though I have also been known as Arieya the Fire Keeper on this account as well as Ivyscar and Echo on my old account. My real name is Emily, but I go by my middle name, Rose (full circle!). I am nearly 18 years old and have been roleplaying for about eight years now. I've been writing since I learned how, but only in the past four years have I actually been writing understandable novels. I live on the East Coast and follow its time zone, and I plan to attend college in the same time zone as well.

While I love to write and always have, simply because I love nothing more than to create worlds, characters, and stories, my real passion is music. I've played the flute since I was 10 years old and haven't stopped since. I play piccolo as well, but flute is my main interest. I'm planning to major in music performance and education in college and want to work as a band teacher once I graduate.

I'm also a huge movie and TV person. Many gifs and face claims I use are from Game of Thrones and that is because I am super obsessed with the show. It's amazing! And now, of course, nothing makes me uncomfortable because nothing is as bad as watching someone's head explode like a melon. I'm also a huge fan of superhero movies, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Reign, and Bob's Burgers. Ask me about any of them, I love to chat about them!

I've moved around a lot, because of my parents. My mother and father divorced when I was 10 or 11 and my mother remarried when I was 13 or 14. I now have three step-siblings as well as my one real brother. We are a large family and do not have great internet in our house, so I must apologize for slow replies when I'm online. It's simply awful.

I am also a very busy person offline. Marching band, symphonic band, writing, working, and friends keep me very busy in the real world, so I'm not online as much as I'd like to be. However when I am online, it's usually for a couple hours at once. I also have the app and the ability to use internet on my phone, so even if I don't always respond to a claim or a question/suggestion, I usually see it and do something about it.

I really hope you enjoy this group and its roleplay. I want it to be active and popular, so remember to check in and to invite your friends. Again thank you for joining!

I believe that's all for now. Bye bye! <3

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white)
Hi one and all :). I'm Savannah, a co-mod of your lovely commander and chief, Rose. My introduction won't be as long as hers because, well, I'm pretty dull and boring. I'll start with a fact that always makes me feel super old on this site; when July rolls around, I'll be turning 24. Time seems to fly back after high school, so watch out of that.

I did go off to a university, getting my degree in biological science, but it's turned out to be pretty useless. Gotta love how crappy a degree has become. Heads up to all you youngsters, make sure to do internships during college like everywhere and all the time. People don't care as much about a degree as they do experience. I love my degree, though, just because it helps me come up with really neat things to tie into my writing.

Speaking of my writing, I've been at it since I was around 18 and a half. Over the years, I've grown in love with it because it allows me to do anything and everything. I am the god of the characters I create, and what becomes of them is all up to me. It's just so much fun and a great place to get away to. But I love rping because it takes away a bit of that god power, making it so there are still twists and turns within the world the characters are playing in.

I'm a video game fan, the boy friend and I always playing them together. Netflix and Hulu are our connection to TV, us not having cable or dish because, well, that's way to much money for us atm...plus most the time nothing is on worth watching. I have not watched Game of Thrones yet *gasps*. I wanted to read the books first! But I suck at sitting down and reading...so...you see my problem?

Wait...this did turn out pretty long. Oh! That's because I have this talent to ramble and stretch things out super long haha. Often this shows in my rp posts.

Anywho, I'll let you guys get back to the group! I hope you're enjoying it!

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